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Thread: "Northern Nationals" Hayward Drag Club meeting after Goodguys

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    "Northern Nationals" Hayward Drag Club meeting after Goodguys

    Goodguys Sat?

    Anyone going "All American Get-Together" 29th I will be in the swap meet area look for group of (6) with Hayward Drag Club t-shirts on. We are going to have a meeting after the event in Hayward at a night club with dinner. They will be showing movies of the old Fremont "Northern Nationals" events Pro Stock with my Dads and Ed Terry's, Dyno Don's, Eddy Headmans SOHC 427 Mavericks going at it with the 426 Hemi Mopars


    My Silver Bullet goes quicker and faster and weighs more less cylindars :-) also (Note) the name Silver Bullet came from Ed Terry's Maverick and was his idea to name it that as you see close in the center photo "Silver Bullet" on the rear quarter

    DRIVER: Ed Terry - CREWCHIEF: Dick Wood - ENGINE: 427 cubic inch Ford Cammer - Weight: 3000 lbs. - PERFORMANCE: 10.20 elasped time, 134 MPH - FUEL: Gasoline - HOME: Los Angeles, Calif. - Sponsor: Ford Drag Team
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