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Thread: Big Blue Put the Hammer Down on a TT

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    SC YA LTR Guest

    Big Blue Put the Hammer Down on a TT

    Today I was taking a pleasure drive to a class that I am taking at night and was rolling up to the stop light when at nice looking silver Audi TT slipped right in front of me. It was a tight squeeze when he got in there about one car length. I would not have thought any thing of it but the Butt Snacker was looking in his rear view and shaking his head back and forth like it was my fault he almost side swiped me. I needed to get in the right lane of this two lane road. About quarter mile away was a North, South freeway entrance and I needed to make the North entrance. He chirped as he took off so I decided to see what he had. You could hear his car screaming. I pulled up side to side so quick it was sad. From there on to the entrance it was a cake walk. I was quite disappointed in his car. By the time we had to slow down I had him by at least three car lengths. I let him pull around me and said "You wasted way too much money for that slug"
    He did not have too much to say. All he saw for the whole quarter mile was Big Blue and a license plate that reads 1DEEP6.
    D Rainer

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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Re: Big Blue Put the Hammer Down on a TT

    You dont mess with Big Blue nice job David blew him in the weeds
    That picture is so neat of your car :-)

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    ilusnforc Guest

    Re: Big Blue Put the Hammer Down on a TT

    What mods do you have? also what kind of rims are those and where can you find them? car looks awesome, gotta love it

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    BlueSHO Guest


    your lucky it wasnt the 225 hp 6-speed quattro..he woulda put up more of a fight then (unless youve got some mods)

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    al35thsc Guest

    Re: quattro

    nice kill, that'll show them bastards!!! sweet picture of the ur ride inthe golden gate! Bring it down to the nor cal so cal shoot-out, we'll see what u got!


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    SC YA LTR Guest

    Hey ilusforc

    Hey Man,
    Thanks for the complement. I bought the wheels about a year and a half ago through the local Discount Tire. They are the Enkie RS5 series wheel.
    I think the TT would have had a better chance if I was stock he he.
    I have all the 300hp boltons. I just had a blower Magnaported so, look out LOL.
    D Rainer

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