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Thread: Ford meets and if I will attend??

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    tbirdsc35th Guest

    Ford meets and if I will attend??

    Guys, I hope I don't sound stupid here but I thought I would mention this. I have been asked by a few if I will be at this meet or that meet. I would love to attend them all. You have to understand up until 2000, all I ever really attended was a Shelby meet. Now there are thunderbird meets and ford meets and mn-12 meets and local meets and regional meets and darn it I wish I could keep up better. I would love to meet you all . Let me just say that if I don't make it to some of the meets I am thinking about them. You guys have more sub boards of the SCCoA and events going all the time. Man this club is active. So hang in there with me. I keep tryin'. :-)

    Have a great weekend all.

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    FearThis SC Guest

    Re: Ford meets and if I will attend??

    Hey to Houston tomorrow for the Fun Ford Weekend at will see a bunch of nice rides and very very knowlegable players on this board!

    Read all about it>>>>>Houston Blower Crew this weekend.....


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    ilusnforc Guest

    Re: Ford meets and if I will attend??

    that would be awesome if you could make it to houston, i will most likely be able to show up saturday, and ive never seen a 35th before and i love those things. and by the way, i got my Saleen wing put on yesterday!!! looks badass man, you'll see it in houston, you cant miss me!

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