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Thread: Supercharging a Viper....

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    TBKHomeworld Guest

    Supercharging a Viper....

    I work with a fellow who has a Dodge Viper. He's currently thinking about adding a super charger (mainly after talking with me and listening to all the stories). Anyway, we're looking at adding a vortec super charger that puts out about 8 psi boost. We've been going over the aluminum shock brace and mounting hardware....this is the easy part.

    I was wondering if anyone here knew much about Viper ignition and fuel management systems. If not, does anyone know of a good book on the basics of modern day systems?


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    pro street rich Guest

    Re: Supercharging a Viper....

    Do as I have done whenever I have added some power adders. I always talk to the people that build the stuff. They are there for you and it is their job to try to keep you happy. This is how they get repeat sales. Call whoever's parts you are going with, they will help you. Good luck.....Rich

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    Mike8675309 Guest

    Re: Supercharging a Viper....

    No doubt that it's already been done to a Viper. There is a serious group of owners there.

    Oh yeah..
    Super Viper Systems
    SuperCharger Level 1 850hp
    SuperCharger Level 2 1000hp

    www.Dodge Vipers.Com

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    TBKHomeworld Guest

    Re: Supercharging a Viper....

    Yeah, but this Starting @ $42,000 is the problem. Who in their right mind would pay THAT much for a super charger setup! SHESH.

    I know there is lots of stuff they do along with it....but does it REALLY cost $42,000 for all they are doing....I have to say NO after we've researched all the products they've used.

    Thus is why we were looking into doing the setup/management ourselves. I can tune a carberatur to ear and make the car run fine, but electric ignition is something else!

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    pro street rich Guest

    Re: Supercharging a Viper....

    The biggest thing is to lower the compression on that bad boy. You will bring lots of @#%$ to the table if you push too much into that engine. That may well be the reason for the $40,000 price,check it out and when you are done you might think a different line. Good luck and have fun....Rich

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    BlueSHO Guest

    check the cf forum, alot of viper owners chat there (as apposed to the nazi viper forums that are partly owned by dodge, so they need to be kept neat and propper).
    anyway i was on the cf the other day and i rememeber seeing a supercharged viper with 8xx hp. im pretty sure the guy did it himself, with the help of knowledgeable friends.

    id check there

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