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Thread: ? about Prior Remanufacturing teves II

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    ? about Prior Remanufacturing teves II

    Does Prior Remanufacturing replace the pressure switch, hyd motor, and accumulator?

    Or, do they just replace only the one bad part leaving all the old parts?

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    Probably should call and ask them. I'm sure they replace the accumulator, they claim they had too many returns when they tried to reuse the old ones. [OK.. now that's not a terribly reassuring reply because one would think that they would KNOW how these units fail to begin with.] But, since our options are severly limited when it comes to HCUs, sorta have to work with them to make sure you're satisfied. They do claim to test each unit to factory specs.. but since I'm not there AT the plant, I can't independently verify this.

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    I can verify this for you for I have contacted them on many occasions with questions about my ABS system. They are very helpful and friendly.

    When you send your unit down to them for a rebuild, they replace everything. I thnk they even paint it for cometics. The only thing they can't do is make you fluid resevoir look like new.

    Hope this helps.

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