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Thread: Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

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    Soon2BeSC Guest

    Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

    Ok, Ive always wanted one and I have found it. Its a car dealer I have known since I was a little kid. Its a 90 red SC 5 speed, leather, sunroof, prem sound, and tinted windows. He said it has a real bad oil leak that is probably the rear main, he said it would prolly cost 3-400 dollars to fix, is this true. I can buy the car for 1,200 dollars. Should I buy this, oh yeah, it has 144,000 miles. Thank you for your help.

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    pro street rich Guest

    Re: Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

    This one is too close to call. If you are sure on the leak and that is all that is wrong and if it can be done for $400 then go for it, but if not it might be better to keep looking...Good luck....Rich

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    Mike8675309 Guest

    Re: Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

    You have to decide if you are ready to invest up to $2000 into a car. At 144,000 miles, anything can cause an issue. Dealers always say they "think" what might be wrong. But once they sell it, their think is your bought.

    SC's have expensive to repair Anti-Lock Brake Systems that certainly will start showing age at 144,000. Exhaust systems can be failing and are not in-expensive. The ignition system is also not in-expensive and can be ready to go at that milage. Really any car at that mileage is ready to cause some grief to someone.

    Now I purchased my 89 when it had 123,000 miles on it. But it was well taken care of. The owner had his little book with all the fueling, oil changes, and brake jobs, clutch replacement. He documented everything. And 2 years later I've got an Accumulator that is failing on the brakes, 2 blown motor mounts and a power steering line to replace. Last year I put $250 into rear brakes. (New rotors, caliper brackets, pads) That's not too bad. But it will only start to add up as it ages further.

    So just make sure you are going into it with your eyes wide open. You never know, the oil leak might just be a frost plug or something and nothing else will happen to it for years!

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    Soon2BeSC Guest

    Re: Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

    Well I have 2000 in my probes tranny alone. I am not afraid to spend very much to fix it up, but if you dont think that this is a hell of a buy, then I will keep looking, I saw a 94 for sale but didnt have time to see how much they wanted, mabye I will look again.

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    scroach Guest

    Re: Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

    If the rear main has a bad oil leak, check to see if the clutch is alright. my 1 year old clutch went on my SC because the rear main seal was leaking.

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    Mike8675309 Guest

    Re: Looking at 90 SC Please Help!!!!!!!!

    It depends on what you think a good buy is. These cars are fairly personal, and while $1200 for a clean vehicle is a good buy, SC's can hide additional expenses that can make the $1200 just the tip of the iceberg.

    I guess for a high mileage SC, I'd prefer to buy from an owner that has had it for a while and knows what's been done to it. Even if it costs a little more for that peace of mind.

    Otherwise, offer $900, settle on $1000 and then you have a good buy as you could part it out and make that up if you had to.

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    Pete Guest

    New car

    If you don`t have a lot of money to wast. And you need this car to go to work or school. Buy a low maintenance car.

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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    Re: New car

    Personally, I would jump on that. Also, I would work a deal to get the head gasget done at the same time they do the seal.

    I guess if you're more mechanically inclinded it's a great deal cause basic stuff is fixable.

    Like I said, if it was me and $1200. I'd be all over it.

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