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Thread: Intake systems

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    Tom Champagne Guest

    Intake systems

    Which system do you guys like the best...ZR,MAC,Densecharger? I have the MN12 set-up now.thanks.

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    John Machen Guest

    Re: Intake systems

    I have a mac on my 94, my dad has a zr on his 95 and my brother has a SCPI intake on his 90.
    The order at which we all agree is the mac appears and fits the best, next the zr, and lastly the scpi intake. The zr came second hand from a guy on the classifieds. and the SCPI was installed on my brother's car from the previous owner.

    The mac has the best blower whine, zr next. The SCPI has much less blower whine, likely because the lil plastic box that covers the air filter.

    I also have had no problem with water, as warnings on the zr site had been brought up when I was looking for intakes a while back.

    If anyone wants pictures I can put some up shortly.
    94 sc 5sp

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    Chris89cougar Guest

    Re: Intake systems

    Where can I order the mac intake? Do they have a website?

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    scroach Guest

    Re: Intake systems

    I don't see the SC one on there, can someone point it out to me?

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    Scott Long Guest

    In my opinion

    MAC intakes SUCK!!!!

    ZR seems to have the best design if you ask me. My friend has the MAC. It sounds nice and looks nice but there is a bend right before the MAF meter. The ZR is smoother and will probably give a better reading for the MAF. I don't know how much that would effect anything but I just figure it probably isn't good to have a bend right before the MAF.

    Ever try to deal with MAC's customer service, ha!!! its a joke.

    I don't know about the Densecharger intake, haven't seen or heard of it until now. I've been away from SC's for too long now I don't know who is selling what now adays.


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    Scott Long Guest

    one more thing

    I think MAC discontinued their intake for the SC.


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