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Thread: Will gas prices drive us into a Depression?

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    Down to $2.30 or lower here in Dallas.

    It's all a scam by big oil, no way they can come down this fast with nothing in the market to support the drop.

    The hurricanes were supposed to make it go back up, but now it's almost half as much what, two months ago?

    Scam and theft by oil gurus

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    $2.119 in Buffalo, MN on 10/25/2008

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    No political posts here.....right????????
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    I apologize

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    Gas has really dropped here in the last week. I saw 0.939 a litre for 87. $3.56 a gallon Canadian. That's about $2.85 a gallon for regular.
    I saw the posts complaining about grocery pricess and I was over in Michigan a week ago with my girlfriend and she couldn't believe how cheap the groceries were. If we bought our groceries in Michigan they would have cost 30-40% less than in Canada. Seems like it's about par for the course though.

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