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Thread: SC music reproduction

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    digitalKaos Guest

    SC music reproduction

    Is anyone aware of a custom subwoofer box for Thunderbirds? Thus far I have been unable to locate one. Also, what speakers would work well for full-range in the interior... stock locations and otherwise? Thanks for the help . . .

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    94TbirdSC Guest


    hey bud, finaly someone wants a stereo!
    took me a long time in study hall in school in the drafting room to finally draft up a setup for my 4 10" kicker comps and amps. i scratched 7 different box designs cuas of the weird shape of our trunk plus thta d*** shelf. as far as door speakers go with eclipse these are expensive but the best i have tried yet. By far the best mod i made tho had to be the 2 R13 kicker dome tweeters in the Apiller. Right in front of my face!!
    if u want pics go to my web site
    and go to the photo page.
    ull see everything
    if u have any questions email meat

    hope this helps

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    Tazer999 Guest

    Re: stereo

    I guess I have a custom stereo box

    It is contoured to the trunk lines exactly, and extends right to the top of the trunk. My webpage has more pictures for more pics of it

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    digitalKaos Guest

    Re: stereo

    Thanks for the info.. I'll take a look at those sites. I was also thinking about eclipse, & also Mbquart.

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    Robert Kohlman Guest


    I relocated the computers and took out the tray. I have two Kicker Comp VR-12's in an appropriate sized sealed box. I also have a pair of Boston RC 820 components in the front. The 5x7 woofer is in the door and the tweeters are far forward on the A-pillar firing at the opposite side of the car. I have the stock JBL components in the rear. The 5x7 woofer really picked up the Mid-bass. I highly reccommend going with the larger woofers up-front for that reason. Several companies make good component sets and co-axes that are a direct or near direct fit for our cars. I like the Bosons because their tweeter is not overly bright and they play low as far as tweeters go.

    The only thing that I had to do was seal around the speakers in the doors because they did not fit 100% perfect and had small gaps around the frame. I also reccommend Dynamating the doors while they are apart. That helps quiet things down and even picks up the mid-bass region more.

    When you install tweeters use velcro and move them around and listen to them in various locations before permanently mounting them. I can assure that all tweeters are not created equal.

    Hope this help,


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    turbospeed Guest

    Re: SC music reproduction

    i have 6.5 eclipse's in my ol t-bird in the doors and boston acoustics RX 5*7 in the same car i planning change them to the SC where do i locate them?? i was thinking the 5*7 in the door but the 6.5?? they dont seem to fin in any stock location any recomendations?

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