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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    I bought some parts off this guy back in the begining of January of this year and he said he would send the parts out the next day after he got the money!!! Well turns out, Im still waiting on the damn part... After 5 months of doing the run around with him, emailing him, asking him whats up, calling him to see what the deal was!!! 5 MONTHS though, GOD.... worst than some businesses we know**wink wink**!! Any way, i email him about a week ago and he emailed me back saying he would send me my money back the next day after i gave him my home address, HE ASKED ME for my HOME ADDRESS after 5 months of waiting for the damn part, After having someone's money for 5 months and saying you are going to ship the parts out, blah blah blah, wouldnt you at least know my damn adress, I gave it to him in an email and when i sent the money order out... GOD, this guy is a prick, he thinks this is funny, I want my money back and after i sent the email with my home address, i emailed him back asking if he sent the money out yet, RESPONSE: NO....


    I have learned the hard way with him... 5 months is TOOOOOOO long to wait for a part!! and another 2 weeks for my money back, still not sent by the way!!

    Just a Fair Warning!!!

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    Larry Griggs Guest

    Re: DO NOT do business with SAM SINGLETON!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like he went to the SC Performance "school of ethics and customer service".

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    Vic Rattlehead Guest

    Re: DO NOT do business with SAM SINGLETON!!!!!!!!!

    sounds like andy cohen, im still "waiting" for something from him. im over 24 months.

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    j57ltr2 Guest

    Re: DO NOT do business with SAM SINGLETON!!!!!!!!!

    I think this was one of the guy's that was screwing a bunch of people on this board about 2 years ago. I say if you know where the person lives then call the police in his town or your town and see what can be done. I am sure the person could be found without much trouble. I know nothing about computers, but I know that a guy in Houston was caught and charged with a fairly heavy crimes, Wire fraud(I guess beacuse he was using a phone line), and a couple other things, most Federal I think. I know he was sell non-exeistent items on Ebay.

    If you are going to buy from the internet then send all mail certified so that you can prove the person received the money. Pay by paypal or what ever else is like it. Don't wait too long to act, if you don't hear from the person like within 2 weeks then tell them you will take action. What ever you decide to do. I like the personal touch myself, fly out and kick some ~~~, but that isn't always the way to go about it.


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    austinxtreme512 Guest

    Re: DO NOT do business with SAM SINGLETON!!!!!!!!!

    well, he emailed me back and called me a kid and said i was trying to badger him!! I JUST WANT MY DAMN MONEY BACK, im sure anyone else AFTER 5 MONTHS and still no parts, they'd do the same thing!!!! I still have the money order reciept!! i dont know what good that'll do but i have the emails still for evidence!!! I just need my money back so i dont have to go through with this again!! im only going to go throw the guys i trust!! DJKERRIDGE, STEPHEN CRIST, AND RYAN SUNQUIST!!!! and a couple other SCer's i have conversed with and im confortable doing business with!!


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    pro street rich Guest

    Re: DO NOT do business with SAM SINGLETON!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff is right, call the cops on this guy. He has gotten himself into some very dirty waters. The people who supply his internet service should also be told of his tricks. They will take a very dim view on this kind of stuff. The last thing you might want to do is post his address and city so we all can know who he is. Maybe one of us will live near to him and can go over and get your stuff for you?? Just something to think about....Rich

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    Well he lives in Dallas, Texas, I know a couple SCers that live near him, i live in Austin, Texas, not that far but i dont have time to go up to dallas, i have school and work.... I know FearthisSC lives in Dallas or near it!!! and a couple guys that live in oklahoma such as jason marsh... Ill give him about another day or two to respond to the last email i sent him which was last night then ill either call the cops here or up there in dallas to see whats going on!!! thanks

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    j57ltr2 Guest

    Re: ..

    Fear this SC lives in Louisana near the Miss. border. just fyi

    He is just buying time, and I would get ahold of him and get it taken care of asap. It only takes 5-7 business to UPS anything in the US. Weight doesn't matter, color, age, or angle of refracted light through crap.

    What is his excuse? I can't think of anything that can take 5 months to get to you. Hell, I order stuff from Japan and it only takes 2 weeks.

    I doubt Sam singleton is his real name, but he just might be dumb enough. I swear That was one of the people screwing people over here before. Did he contact you or you him?


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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    he contacted me!! I posted about getting a rear bumper cover and some side skirts!! well I got them, but he forgot the door peices for the GFX... well I send him 75 bucks to have them painted the color of my car, in which I got the rear bumper cover and 4 peice SC GFX painted the color of my car... looks good too and got them in about 1 week after he got the money, ill give him props on that but the 75 dollars i sent him, he kept for over 5 months, he NEVER emailed me, telling me his situation, I ALWAYS HAD TO EMAIL him and ask what the update was on the parts, well i called him, i talked to on the phone about it, he had some family problems, which i could TOTALLY understand, but then about a month after his family problems were at least some what over, he could send me the parts, well, not the case!! still dont have them, never emails me or anything to make sure that im informed about my parts but instead i had to email him and get it out of him!!! IT seemed like it at least! he emailed me and said he was sending me my money back tommarrow and it will be on my way, so i hope he's telling me the truth and if not, its official, I WILL take action!! its crazy.... but we will have to see i guess!! thanks for your advice

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    I got an email stating the money is in the mail and it should be on my door step by monday!! Im just glad this is all over with!! Thanks

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