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Thread: FS: Built AODE / 4R70W

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    FS: Built AODE / 4R70W

    AODE / 4R70W Transmission - Level 2

    This AODE transmission was built by Performance Automotive and Transmission Center. This Trans was street driven 2k miles in a 1995 302 Cobra, and was only taken out to make room for a 'glide.

    It uses an AODE case and the 4R70W gearset.

    It comes with a special pressure solenoid, which allows higher line pressure than the stock solenoid and a performance pressure regulator spring. This is the main cause of clutch failure in the AODE / 4R70W transmission. The roller clutch is removed and replaced with a heavy-duty mechanical diode with a Spiral "Plus" Ring Kit. This is the weak point on the 1992-1998 AODE / 4R70W transmissions and needs to be replaced for any high performance / heavy duty use. Two extra clutches are added to the direct clutch drum, which gives 33% more holding power (Alto Red Eagle Power Pack). This transmission has a Fairbanks high performance TransAction Kit and an oversize overdrive servo. The stock overdrive band is replaced with a carbon fiber band. This transmission takes care of all the weak points in the stock AODE / 4R70W transmissions. It's rated for motors up to 550 horsepower. Torque converter not included.

    Some info listed at:

    $750 OBO, it was $2k new. Plus shipping, or pickup in Albuquerque NM. Money order/cashiers check, or Paypal (add 3% to cover their fees) accepted. Don't be afraid to make an offer, but don't make me laugh too hard.

    Contact info is: or (505) 363-4428, or PM.
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    Oh yeah, it has a finned increased-capacity deep pan on it as well. Bump.

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