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Assorted NOS parts ALL PARTS SOLD


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I am another person here that needs a replacement dust boot and have been wondering how to go about it.

If you have access to a printer with a scanner it is possible to scan it and then edit the images into an accurate drawing. I've had to do it with some gaskets before when I needed CAD models of them.

It probably would not be difficult to replicate it once there is a drawing. There are a few options such as:
  • Making/machining a mold and casting them from urethane or another material. Smooth-On makes lots of casting materials.
  • Having them cut out of a sheet of material with a drag knife on a cnc mill/router. Possible to economically make a bunch this way. There is a business just minutes away from me that does this actually.
  • 3D print them as you mentioned. I also have a 3D printer and I have some flexible black TPU material that I can try a small experiment on to see how it looks.
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