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What's the current state of availability on parts/rebuilders for the Teves Mk ii ABS?


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So what is the current state on the availability of parts/rebuilders for the Teves Mk ii ABS?

I swapped out the non-ABS some time ago in my 90; it seemed that issues with the ABS units were getting quite common and also seemed that many had spent lots of money on re-manned units/accumulators/pumps and had little luck with the remanned units or parts...

I'm curious if maybe the large number of cars that had these units ever gained any better aftermarket support? These things are in Ford/GMs/SAABS/BMWs/ferarris... Seems like some company would have capitalized on this void by now?

I'm actually asking because my son is kinda interested in a 1988 Turbocoupe for sale locally which also used the Teves Mk ii unit. It is advertised as running good, but will require towing due to bad brakes. Assuming the rest of the car were to check out OK, how likely would I be to get the ABS working properly with enough peace of mind to let a first time driver behind its wheel?

I really like the idea of ABS on a kids first car. I know it is not a replacement for good driving practices, but I feel like it is a good safety measure. I actually traded for a nice 1966 F100 for him but after driving it myself a few thousand miles this year, I have decided that he has no business in it for a first vehicle. It is crazy easy to lock up the brakes in that truck... He's driven it a little in an abandoned parking lot a few times, and I had him in the habit of pumping brakes for a panic stop (which was me randomly hollering OH CRAP STOP!)... But still, doesn't seem remotely safe.

He's a weird kid, I floated the idea of a early 2000 mustang (because of Airbags and ABS) and he was not really interested in that; most kids would be all over it. He likes the foxbody mustangs and apparently this 88 Turbocoupe. I got time to decide, but just wanting feel out the idea of the turbocoupe...



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AFIAK, the only new part that is available is the accumulator (Victor ~ http://spinningwheels-sc.com - last time he had stock the price was reasonable, I think)

The main item that would need a rebuild is usually the hyd. pump/motor and I don' think we have a good source for them.

The normal consumables are the system relays...off the shelf, usually.

These were two-channel systems, obsoleted by more modern hardware over the years - the aftermarket is after bigger fish, numbers wise - the pressure switch on the ARC side is a good example of where we're left out. We have the Mk II roughly in common with some Jags, Saabs and the occasional Rover, I think. They can be picked for motors and used accumulators if you get really hard up.

See: http://www.sccoa.com/forums/showthread.php?121203-Which-ABS-motors-will-work&highlight=saab
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This company rebuilds them... SIA Electronics


I recently converted to traditional brakes and pulled my ABS unit out. It worked when I removed it. I decided to remove it because I felt safer without the electric motor providing the hydraulic pressure. I had an intermittent ABS light that I believe was a harness problem. I just got fed up messing around with it. I had it rebuilt by the company listed about two years ago and a new accumulator at the same time. That being said, I am open to selling my old unit if you want it, but shipping will be expensive.

If you are worried about your son needing ABS to keep him safe, then I suggest you find him a more modern car with a better ABS system.

Mike Puckett

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In Dallas is Jose Nunez, The ABS Tech. 214-579-7846. He rebuilds the ABS units and the motors. He also has new accumulator balls and high pressure switches in stock but they are pricey.


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In Dallas is Jose Nunez, The ABS Tech. 214-579-7846. He rebuilds the ABS units and the motors. He also has new accumulator balls and high pressure switches in stock but they are pricey.

If anyone can post at least a rebuild quote and /or review of his services it would be awesome. I don't even own a car with the mark II system now...but probably will in the future.


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The State of Affairs for Teves MkII repair in 2021

Hello from BC Canada
I'm a Merkur Scorpio owner who found this group while searching for ABS info.
Does anyone know if Jose Nunez in Dallas still repairs these units?
I haven't tried calling the number yet..I just found it today (Sunday) so I'll be making that call tomorrow.
I just thought this tread should be revived in case a new SC owner or other MK2 vehicle owner stumbles on this.



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I believe he does

I have not spoke to him personally, but some on the site had a unit rebuild a few back.
Rock auto offers a rebuild service as well.