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1989 Ford Thunderbird SC - manual
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Owner:Adam Boone of Lockport, New York, USA
forums id:acb92sc
Membership Expires:2005-10-31
5% OD Pulley
Custom 2.5-3-2.5 Exhaust, No Cats
Custom 3" Fenderwell CAI
Taylor SpiroPro Wires
NGK Iridium Plugs
255 lph fuel pump
Lightning 85mm MAF
IC Fan
SPEC Stage II Clutch
3.55 W/ Complete Posi ReBuild
B&M Ripper
Polyurethane Bushings F & R
Poly Engine/ Tranny Mounts
S/T Springs
KYB Struts/Shocks
PBR Calipers, PowerSlot Rotors, Hawk Performance Pads
Replaced every steering and suspension part to mention
Custom Spoiler
'93 Trunk Lid & Lenses
Black Leather
'94 Interior w/ manual seabelts
Currently being put on: 94 Hood/Bumper, 97 headlights
4 Tweeters, Pioneer 6x8 on Rockford 4Ch. Amp
2 Rockford 12" Subs, Rockford 400W Amp
Best Time:n/a
horsepower: 213.1 at 4800 RPM
torque: 331.7 at 2600 RPM
Future Plans:Currently Being Installed:
Xenon Body Kit
Anything and everything affordable
SCCoA Member#:2487
Other Club Affiliations:
Super Coupe
Events Attended:
Carlisle '04
Misc:Dyno'd 213 RWHP/331RWTQ w/ a badly slipping sc belt-- only pushed 7 pounds after 3,000 RPM.
Lovin' my big bird till I die...
Last Updated:12/09/04 08:01 PM EST

 I am Adam Boone and want to edit this page.
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