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Super Coupe Club of America > Members > Todd Jelle & Michele Huffman
1992 Ford Thunderbird SC - auto
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Owner:Todd Jelle & Michele Huffman of Sterling, Colorado, USA
forums id:SCgraphics guy
Membership Expires:2008-03-31
CMRE Stage 2 Engine
Mag Pwrs 3.5" intake
80mm C&L MAF
85mm Mag Pwrs Throttle body
Magnum Powers inlet
SCP 3/4" Raised top
AutoRotor 1.7 Supercharger
800cfm Intercooler fan
SCP exhaust
60 lb/hr injectors
255lb/hr fuel pump
Complete revised fuel supply with 6 & 8 AN line and fittings including relocation of Areomotive universal type AFPR for easy access
Alcohol injection(dissabled)
Griffin Aluminum Radiator
Autometer A-Pillar Guage pod with A/f meter,Fuel pess,Boost gauge
Lentech Street Terminator with OD delete with
2400 Non lockup stall convertor
B&M Hammer shifter
3.55 gears
Eibach 1.5" lowering springs
Rear air Bags
17" Chrome Cobra Rs
255/45/ZR17 Nitto 555Rs front
275/40/R17 MT ET Street Drag Raials,rear
Best Time:12.172 at 99.999 MPH
horsepower: 343.1 at 5800 RPM
torque: 418.3 at 3300 RPM
Future Plans:
SCCoA Member#:1313
Other Club Affiliations:TBU
RMTC Rocky Mtn Thunderbird Club
Colorado Flatlanders
Super Coupe
Events Attended:
SCCOSW Vegas 1
SCCOSW Vegas 2
2001 MN12 Nats, OKC
TBU 2, St Louis MO.
2005 SC Shootout, OKC
Last Updated:12/09/06 06:01 PM EST

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