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Super Coupe Club of America > Members > Jason Miller
1994 Ford Thunderbird SC - auto
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Owner:Jason Miller of Dover, Delaware, USA
forums id:JasonMiller94SC
Membership Expires:2007-02-28
Removed Air Silencer
K&N 9" cone filter
80mm LMAF
3.5" chrome intake tube
85mm Magnum Powers Throttle Body
Magnum Powers inlet
Magnaport II blower
3/4" raised SC top
Double IC with fan
180 degree T-stat
10% overdrive supercharger pully
ASP underdrive pulles
BHJ ballencer
Custom exhaust 2.25" pipe with Hi-flo cats to Terminator Resonator into 3" pipe split into 2.5" pipe w/ Bullet Stainless Steel Mufflers and ported manifolds
Dyno Tuned and Computer programed by Jerry
255lph high pressure in tank fuel pump
Zex Dry Nitrous kit
Ported heads and intake
Morana Racing 1.8 Roller Rockers
60lb fuel injectors
custom cam
forged pistons & rods installed at Coy Miller's shop
Transmission rebuilt w/ updates
Mark 8 Torque converter
Transgo shift kit set on level two
Traction lock and 3.73 gears
New IRS Poly Bushings
Metal Matrix driveshaft
17 X 9" Cobra R wheels with 255/45 17 BFG Gforce tires
Addco 1.25" rear sway bar
Mark VIII 11.57" front breaks
Supercharged emblem
Black Thunderbird SC rear bumper stickers
Replaced JBL premium sound system
New Sony head unit and 10 disc changer
Infinity Kappa Componet speakers up front
4 channel 400 watt Audiobahn amp for inside speakers
Memphis 10" Sub with 300 Watt amp.
Best Time:12.532 at 99.999 MPH
horsepower: 340.7 at 4700 RPM
torque: 396.8 at 3500 RPM
Future Plans:
SCCoA Member#:701
Other Club Affiliations:Virginia Chapter Director of TCCoA
MAMN12 Drag Racing Team
Super Coupe
Events Attended:
All Ford Nationals at Carisle: 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 Summer Blast,02,03,04,05,06,07
Misc:Latest Dyno numbers. 370hp and 416torque. Best 1/4 mile time: 12.44 @ 112.54 mph
Last Updated:12/06/11 09:01 AM EST

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