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Super Coupe Club of America > Members > Christopher Wise
1990 35th Anniversary Edition Thunderbird SC - auto
Click on image to see larger version.
Owner:Christopher Wise of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, USA
forums id:wzenheimer
Membership Expires:2008-09-30
Custom Stroker crank rotating assembly (balanced within .05 grams)
Custom Ross Pistons for special overbore
Custom Total Seal Rings for special overbore
Custom machined Rods
Custom machined Rod bearings
ARP Mainstuds
94-95 Oil Pump
BHJ Balancer
Custom grind camshaft
Personally Ported and polished heads with large stainless valves
Bronze Valve Guides
Custom Head Studs with guideplates
roller rockers
chromoly pushrods
Custom Raised Top
Custom Return Adapter (See Pic Above)
Custom Upper and Lower Intercooler Tubes
Custom Ported Lower intake Manifold
Liquid Intercooler
Custom Aluminum Radiator
ESM Ported Late style blower
ESM 10 Rib quick change setup
Magnum Powers Inlet Plenum
Magnum Powers 85mm TB
90mm Lighting MAF
Custom 3.5 in Inlet Tube
Trunk Mounted Battery
Aeromotive Fuel Pump
Braided Steel Fuel Lines
Remote Mounted Regulator
Underdrive Pulleys
Taylor Plug Wires
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Kooks Medium Length Headers
Completely Custom True Dual Exhaust
Custom Torque Strap
In trunk fuel cell
Lentech Street Terminator Valvebody with O/D delete
Lentech 10 in non-lockup converter
custom built trannsmission with altco red-line clutches
hardened input shaft
custom 60,000 GVW Transmission cooler with 1000cfm fan
Aluminum Driveshaft
Dante 17 X 9 Chrome Wheels
Falken Tires
BFG Drag Radials for use at the track
Legendary Cowl Hood
Repainted original 35th colors Spring of 2002
Best Time:n/a
horsepower: 390.7 at 5600 RPM
torque: 481.5 at 3600 RPM
Future Plans:
SCCoA Member#:2064
Other Club Affiliations:
Super Coupe
Events Attended:
Misc:This car was rearended in April of 2003. The car then became totalled.


I transplanted nearly all of the performance parts into my 1993.
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 I am Christopher Wise and want to edit this page.
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