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    Cougar Wont Start w/ Key

    Test [ safely , engine off, wheels blocked, e brake on etc ] the continuity of the trans neutral switch with the harness disconnected . You should also probably have more than 5V in the safety harness switch section ,I am pretty sure that is supposed to be full battery voltage , there may be...
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    Superchargers and intercoolers for sale

    The superchargers are sold, I still have two intercoolers if anyone is interested . 100 each for the intercoolers. Located in Markham , no shipping , if anyone is interested send a pm or reply to this post. They have been posted on the local GTA kijiji if you prefer to use that route. Thanks. Dave.
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    1989 Thunderbird sc won't crank over

    I have not read threw this whole thread to check all suggestions made but for the fuel pump not coming on it may be worth looking where the battery is located between it and the headlight section there may be a one pin push connector that goes to ground on the chassis or to the neg on the...
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    Moon roof instal

    My boys and I changed one of the Enkei rims from silver metallic gloss to satin black to test how it would look .. thought it would look better and turned out pretty good , still need to get new tires now , probably a bit wider than stock would look a lot better over all. Car has not settled on...
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    Which Fuel line to disconnect when draining gas tank? Upper or lower?

    Unscrew the schrader valves internal valve on the fuel rain [ fuel pressure test port ], press a snug fitting rubber hose on to the stem , and pump it from there into your gas can. Dave.
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    Moon roof instal

    Thanks Denis, its moving along at a snails pace at the moment... still have to get it appraised and plated as well , I don't know if [ lack of ] Service Ontario is even open yet ? . Also have to decide about insurance, regular or specialty .
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    Removing moonroof sliding insert (or sunshade)

    Rick , I just pulled out one of my spare moon roof track/motor setups and took a look at it , from what I see, the glass has to be moved to the rear position as the slider has to come forward to its closed position to start the process, to get the slider to move forward you seem to have to flex...
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    pre 94 steering wheel swap questions , LX to SC

    I did get the steering wheels off and swapped, thanks Mike , what I ended up doing was I backed off the bolt and then pulled fairly hard and then my boy gave the head of the bolt a few good taps with a hammer, just pulling on it felt like it was going to damage the wheel , but either way they...
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    pre 94 steering wheel swap questions , LX to SC

    Ok, thanks Mike, I will give it a try .
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    pre 94 steering wheel swap questions , LX to SC

    That's great, thanks Mike . Will try to swap it in the next few days.. need to make a puller first. Dave.
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    pre 94 steering wheel swap questions , LX to SC

    I have been looking at the steering wheel in the teal 93 5.0 project car , its grey and the original wheel from the car , so not an SC .. its in very good shape, and its " ok " looking but planned on adding a custom leather wrap to it with a small amount of padding to make it a bit more...
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    94 SC Running Issue

    From what you have said, ie the temp difference and from the video showing full boost but no acceleration which would indicate the boost has nowhere to go , it sounds like a plugged converter .. I would not be pushing it like that very much though , if its plugged all that back pressure can...
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    Rear bumper absorber & crash bar

    The internal formed crush barrier under the bumper cover is riveted on to the re bar , you can easily drill them out to remove the damaged unit but be aware you need to reinstall the next one with the proper rivets that have a large washer face to spread the contact pressure point over the...
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    Guitars are not just wall art :) .
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    Trying to keep the kids busy in ways that do not include an Xbox , doing work/reno on the house that should have been done ten ... actually twenty years ago .. then trying to get back to the 93 teal car project .. also want to tear down the twin turbo 351W engine for an inspection before it goes...