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    Innovate dual wideband tuning kit

    Tried selling local haven't had any luck... I used it once on my supercoupe to make sure everything was aok after installing the meth kit. It is a complete dual wideband tuning kit, basically you plug in 2 widebands or 1 whichever I like doing bank to bank. Bought it new for over 600, asking 450...
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    parting out three 35th birds....

    How are the front seat covers on any of them?
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    first time Thunderbird owner

    Owned a couple cougars rebuilt a few 3.8s na and sc, never owned either a thunderbird or a 3.8 sc before. Recently purchased a 1990 35th anniversary SC that needs head gaskets, so looks like the first mod will be is completely ported and polished top end and manifolds and gut the exhaust as well...
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    300k Titanium Super Coupe in Edomonton

    I actually poke to this guy on the phone, he said everything is just like the pictures, was supposed to be his daughters car but she lost interest, I would've bought it I I didn't find my 90 with a stick