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    Parting out 2 super coupes. 1 a 35th.

    chin strap looking for a good rad. air deflector. ( rubber like mat that hangs over sway bar)
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    burst clutch line 1990 SC

    clutch Sounds like clutch slave cylinder blew a seal.
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    1989 sc.

    She looks great how's interior ?
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    Great seller, found a hard to get plastic cowl for my 35th, fog light switch with working light, factory sub, all in great shape at a fair price, good communication,I'd buy from him again.
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    fuel tank issue

    My tank leaked at return line o ring only when running, had to carefully with hand snips cut hole under rear seat to observe leaking in action. New o rings on supply and return lines fixed fuel leak.
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    parting out 2 1990 supercoupes.....

    Cowl piece Looking for driver's side cowl piece (plastic).
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    89 Cowl Count Needed

    I'll take one
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    Plastic piece

    plastic piece Any luck, where are you?
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    Plastic piece

    cowl piece Interested ,what condition, price ?
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    SC parts for sale

    Fog light looking for console fog light switch with working light ,also external plastic cowl pieces 1990 SC
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    Plastic piece

    I need either side or the whole plastic piece between windshield and hood for 90 SC.
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    90 sc gas tank

    early gas tank I'm from Pa.just north of Philly.I'm finding tanks, but ups won't ship a used tank.Trying to find one close to home.
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    90 sc gas tank

    My early tank is distorted & leaking at the fuel pump, anybody have a good one they could bring to Carlisle?Or around the Phila.area?
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    90 jbl amp

    amp. 19020,don`t know if it makes a difference it`s a 90 jbl premium sound,any good subs laying around? Joe
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    90 jbl amp

    Does anybody have a good 1990-93 jbl amp?