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    91 5spd vs 06 gxp

    You lose. Something like 305 hp and yes 0 to 60 around or below 6 flat. Quarter mile low 14s. You need intake mods, blower mods, some head and exhaust work and a trans that you can shift.
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    727 HP Supercharged for $40k

    Hmmmmm, these guys are only around an hour from me. May have to ride over and check it out.
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    BLACK 1994 sc auto.FREE ! or 200 with wheel and tires..come get it PLEASE.

    We all know how fast kids grow up.
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    BHJ, stock pully. Need 2 have balanced? or no?

    The weight was loose on mine so I has it balnced with the bhj. Its within a tenth of a gran if I remember correctly. A dollar bill weighs a gram I think.
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    94/95 Magnum Powers Intake Plenums

    Got it. Thank you Charles. I will be in touch.
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    94/95 Magnum Powers Intake Plenums

    Ok so I take this inlet will not fit the that a no on naked casting?
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    Do brake line fitting threads need teflon?

    No sealant unless the threads are pipe thread.The ferrel is what seals unless it's pipe thread. The antiseze is a very good idea as long as it is used carefully.
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    94/95 Magnum Powers Intake Plenums

    That will be two if it will bolt to the smiley face mpII I believe. Can they be cast naked? (No markings at all)
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    vmm all kinds of condition one NOS sc/js PICTURES ADDED keypad entry NOS shift knob

    Do the late model consoled inclued the console tops?
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    Super coupe bucks at boost what to do next?

    Close up the plug gap.
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    New to me 1994 SC 5 speed...Teal v2.0 :)

    Wow! That's what I call rusty. I sure am glad I have a southern Cali car. My brake and fuel lines have some rust, but look brand new compared to what you cut out. Looks like you are on the correct path though my friend.
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    MN12 Differences Between the Years

    All S.C.s has the fatshaft. It was right side. Tourqe is transfered more to right side.
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    MN12 Differences Between the Years

    94 SC has the same brakes as v-8 bird's. I know because I powder coated mine and rebuilt them. When ordering rebuild kits if the v-8 was not ordered you got na. V-6 even though SC rebuild kits were ordered.
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    Water locked?

    Pressure plate prolly rusted to the clutch disc to the flywheel.
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    MN12 Differences Between the Years

    True, but that prolly was not on the option list. To get that you had to have an anniversary model. Correct?