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    Ask me for any parts you're looking for you 89 - 93 SC

    Do you got these parts 1. Instrument cluster or Speedometer in KM. 2. daytime running light module. 3. Horn and hood emblem.
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    PARTING OUT 11 SCs FROM 89-95

    Instrument cluster or Speedometer in kilometer. Daytime running light module. Horn.
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    Not good results

    Sad to hear that you gonna do head gasket so soon. The risk of buying vehicle private:o Hope you fix it.
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    O2 sensor not switching

    can you retrieve codes. How is the condition of the fuel, check fuel pressure. Cam sensor.
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    Air filter dust shield

    It's been awhile since I post here, hope i'm not too late for group purchase. sign me up for 1 dust shield, I got paypal...
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    Parting out '93 supercoupe

    yes, easy swap.
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    Parting out '93 supercoupe

    harness if you got headlight harness in good condition, can you remove it with out cutting wires I be interested. pic Thanks.
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    WTB: head light harness

    Hello all, daytime headlight not working properly, better to just replace the harness. need harness for 89 - 93 thunderbird sc.
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    WTB: front end for 93 Tbird sc.

    i take headlight and front cover reenforcement ship to L4W 1A2. Bob.
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    WTB: front end for 93 Tbird sc.

    you got PM. Bob.
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    WTB: front end for 93 Tbird sc.

    hello all, i got minor front end damage earliar this Month, now planing to fix it and paint whole car. If anyone got these parts let me know. 1. LH/RH front fender. 2. LH/RH front bumper cover shield assy. 3. front bumper assy and isolator. 4. front bumper cover. 5. Hood. 6. plastic grill...
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    1995 SC Complete Part Out

    parting out nice car! i can't see anything bad on this car, where is the pic of the rusted rocker? how many km?
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    Now running

    guys still using haynes manual.:eek: rtv on both side of gasket, tighten bolt, rtv to dry overnight. do not over tighten therostat housing.
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    Parting out a 1997 LX sport

    I check my pm, no location for parts pickup.
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    Parting out a 1997 LX sport

    pm the time and location.