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    Micahdogg 89 SC part out

    Can you send me the specs on the wheels when you have a minute?
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    Brand new Siemens 60# injectors

    Sent you a PM.
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    magnum powers supercharger for sale

    Is this still available?
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    Leather wrapped steerring wheel. ..

    Does he just do wraps or can he re-foam the wheel as well? I really want to add a set of thumbgrips to the stock SC wheel like the Cobra 10th anniversary one. The only route I've found so far is just get an aftermarket wheel for a Mustang.
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    WTB: 92+ Fuel Tank Shield and Straps

    Hey all, Looking for a shield and straps for a 92+ gas tank. I keep striking out everywhere I look. If anyone has a line on one or a spare set please let me know. Thanks!
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    WTB Oil Pan

    Need a stock oil pan. Can pay via PayPal or also have lots of stock engine parts for trade if you're interested in that.
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    Oil Pan Clearance Issue with ARP Main Studs

    Well I just broke one of the bolt holes on my stock oil pan because I didn't realize the ARP main studs I used are quite a bit longer than stock. I searched around the site and only found issues with stud girdles which required the main studs and the pan to both be ground down. Is that how...
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    Custom Steering Wheel ?

    I think someone fit the FR500 steering wheel onto their bird without any modifications, was it Mercutio? If that's the case, something like a momo or a nardi should work with a Mustang steering wheel hub adapter, right?
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    Looking for the ideal blower setup for new build.

    Went with a .520 212/218 per your recommendation when I was figuring out what to do. I didn't plan for the big valve heads when that decision was made. It's a little more encouraging to hear David makes peak power up high but then again he has a lot more $$ and Dalke wizardry in his motor than I...
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    Looking for the ideal blower setup for new build.

    I'm in the process of finally finishing the new motor on my car and was looking for some input on the ideal supercharger setup. First I'll say the car is a street car first and foremost, and will be a nice weather daily driver, that I can take to the strip when I'm in the mood. The new motor is...
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    Aluminum Door Sills Round 2

    Ordered black style 5's!
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    Aluminum Door Sills Round 2

    I'm still deciding on which I want.
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    Louvers.... Yup looking for a set of Rear Louvers

    Not sure if you only want used but there's a set up on eBay:
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    Aluminum Door Sills Round 2

    I'll take one.