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    nanatothesixth (Tom) - Great seller

    Thank you Tom for the window trim. Good price, good communication, the trim pieces were in excellent condition, and he took the time to properly package the trim pieces up. They are oddly shaped and once the metal bends they're ruined, so the packaging was greatly appreciated.
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    Looking for rear top window trim

    Anyone have one for sale or know where I could get one?
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    1990 35th T-Bird SC - 13,700 miles, for Sale

    I meant overdrive by OD...I'll be getting back into town August 15th, I'd like to at least come up there and see the car and we can talk. I'll call you soon, sorry for the delay in all of my responses, work schedule has been a bit much lately
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    1990 35th T-Bird SC - 13,700 miles, for Sale

    Yes, I'm interested, but not for $12,500. I'm thinking more in 8-9k range, if this is reasonable for you please let me know and I'll give you a call. If it were a 5 speed I'd go up a bit, but the OD always breaks on these cars, every single one I've owned the OD has gone out on me. Sorry it...
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    1990 35th T-Bird SC - 13,700 miles, for Sale

    What's your email address? I'm just a few hours out in VA.
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    95 5 Speed Low Miles - Rare • Lots of Mods • SOLD!

    woah holy crap this never sold?? bel, email me @ hassinba at gmail Brooks
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    1990 Anniversary Edition on eBay - New!

    why automatic....whyyyyyyyyy? on a side note I bet that garage has a ton of cool ~~~~ in it
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    1991 16K CL Salem OR $7500

    ...and she's gone!
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    Help Diagnose this awful noise? (sound bit included)

    I think this is the problem, here. What part is this? This car was taken to Jerry's Ford Leesburg on 4 separate occasions and this was never brought up. I brought it in this morning and had the tech take a ride with me, he said he'd have to take it for a few days again to "diagnose" the...
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    Help Diagnose this awful noise? (sound bit included)

    I'll check this out today, much appreciated!
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    Help Diagnose this awful noise? (sound bit included)

    So I've recently had sway bar end links and outer tie rod ends replaced. I still have this horrible noise coming from the front passenger side. Simply jerking the wheel left or right makes the noise as well. Any ideas? I've taken it Ford and they can't figure it out...
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    1993 sc tb

    Yes im selling it
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    1989 SC manual find

    Since I'm not gonna buy this one 5 speed with 67k. It spent it's life in VA so I assume the rockers are done, you can also see a rust spot on the trunk. Other than that it looks...
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    For Sale: 1993 Thunderbird SC - Auto

    How much would it cost to get this car back on the road?
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    1993 sc tb

    BUMP I have one more month left until I don't have a garage for this car any longer. $1500 Just had ALL the belts replaced and tie rod ends replaced. Since March I've changed the oil twice, had a new working 145mph ODO (not installed), done radiator fluid, power steering fluid, sway bar ends...