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    4r70w speedometer off

    You need to pull the speedo gear and see what color it is or how many teeth it has, then find the next higher tooth gear. For example if you currently have a purple 21 tooth you will need a white 23 tooth. Just went thru the same issue when switching from AOD to 4r70w. See this link for speedo...
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    hubs for bolt pattern conversion 89 tbird sc

    Tim, I thought that was only necessary if upgrading to the Cobra front brakes & 13" rotors. Looks like OP is only interested in swapping to a Mustang bolt pattern.
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    Speedometer drive gears

    See this link for info.
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    Looks great !
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    Signal wire to O2 sensor

    From a post made in 2003........... tan and orange striped wire goes to 02 sensor #1 and tan with red stripe wire goes to 02 sensor #2
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    Air filter Collapsing

    Never seen a cone filter collapse on an SC motor, even with a big aftermarket supercharger. Is filter wet or clogged, is it getting crushed by hood closing ?
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    Any interest in 2022 Calendar? Ordered mine yesterday. David
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    Stumped on head gasket symptoms

    Before taking it apart, suggest doing a compression test and inspect the plugs, looking for coolant on them.
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    Stumped on head gasket symptoms

    Jay, when installing the stock style Felpro gaskets the part where some people screw up is with the coolant ports. It's super important to position the gaskets with the tab saying Front to the front of the motor. Since left and right gasket are the same, one side of engine will have stripped...
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    new owner of a blue bird

    No, it just reduces the blower inlet restriction. Switching to a late model (94/95) supercharger with rectangular inlet and an MP inlet plenum would be the next upgrades I would recommend. Neither will impact driveability but will increase power.
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    new owner of a blue bird

    A larger throttle body would help to increase the boost. 75mm would be plenty for your application.
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    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    Thanks Jim !
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    Water pump pulley damaged

    I didn't reuse this plate when switching to the aluminum pulley from Spinning Wheels. Didn't use it with the stock steel pulley either. What purpose does it serve ?
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    trying to buy sc but wont start pls help

    Buying an SC for $3K that doesn't even run is a bad idea.
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    No start - Injectors won't fire

    Sounds like the problem was crank/cam sensor wiring. Injectors are likely fine.