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    1994 SC 5-speed Black, Tan Interior 166k

    It has come time for me to sell my 1994 SC 5-speed. I have owned the car since 2003 and it has been in storage since 2012. The plan was to restore it when I had more money, but I have just not had the time to do it and I am loosing my storage spot so it is time to let her go. Black on tan...
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    Front End Question

    it def. isnt the brakes, I just put new rotors on and the pads are a year old. I originally thought it was the brakes cause my rotors were warped but I put the new rotors on and the squeek continues. whats the best way to check the upper ball joints and the a arms and the lower control arm to...
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    Front End Question

    I have a 94 SC with 160,000 miles on it. as of right now my car is making a squeek coming from the front tires when I am driving. I can only hear the squeek when I am creeping along, and the faster I go the faster the squeek gets until the wheels get rolling fast enough so that the squeek...
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    Car Is Hesitating Only Under Full Throttle

    Sounds like you are having the same problem that I am having with my 94 SC. Now I do not know a lot about everything in a car, but in my car the hesitation is only coming when I gas it while I am driving, it does not happen if I rev up the engine at a stand still which leads me to belive that...
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    Clutch Questions

    I just got my SC acouple months ago and I love it. Its a 94 and it had 112 when I bought it but it is in great condition. But the original clutch is still in it and is on its way out. I was curious what would be the best clutch to put in it. It is basically and everyday driver and I was just...