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    Does anyone have a black hood for sale?

    Hey guys. I was looking for a black hood for my 1989 thunderbird sc....there is a dent in mine and i'd bet its cheaper to buy a replacement hood than get it fixed and repainted.
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    I fixed my Autoride.

    The autoride was acting up on the 1989 Sc i picked up 2 months ago....the light would stay on when in firm mode, but it would flash when you changed to auto mode. I found a great write up in the FAQ section and I made a video while fixing the car. It ended up being both front struts being...
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    just picked up a 89 SC

    I am planning on using it as a daily driver this summer. It's pretty good mechanically, but the paint needs alot of work. I am doing a series of videos on restoring the paint.
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    Trying to save the paint on the car I just bought.

    Hey guys. I just picked up a 89 SC 5spd and the paint on the hood, roof and trunk was very faded. I am not a professional detailer and this is the worst paint I have ever tried to polish, but I did ok and learned alot while doing it. I have already received some polishing tips from some other...
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    Just picked up one of my dream cars from my childhood.

    Thanks..its not to bad...i'm working on restoring the paint right now.
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    just picked up a 89 SC

    Hey guys...I just picked up a 89 SC in North bay. looking forward to fixing it up and driving this summer
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    Just picked up one of my dream cars from my childhood.

    Hi Guys I just made a video about picking up one of the many cars I loved from my can probably guess what it is lol. Looking forward to making some more fixing it up. As for now...i'll be sorting through all the FAQs absorbing good information. Thanks from North bay...