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    supercharger tensioner pulleys.

    ive been looking around town at all the parts stores and i cant seem to find a listing for the tensioner pulleys on the jackshaft belt and the supercharger belt. does anyone know where i can find a good pulley for cheap? i would prefer a metal pulley over a cheap plastic one, but ill take what i...
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    m90 rebuild problems

    brought my snout to a machine shop to get rebuilt. i also brought him the rebuild kit from spinningwheelssc. he is telling me that when he presses the bearings onto the race like there supposed to be, the seal doesnt fit. he also said he can press the bearings back a bit to fit the seal, but...
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    75mm T.B and 3in C/A/I

    ill take the trottle body for 100 plus shipping to 56362. call elliot at 320-237-0102
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    Performance Parts Here!!!!

    do you hav eany pics of the raised top?
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    SOLD: NEW solid motor mounts

    p-town? or p-ville?
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    Ac stuff

    dont think the compresser makes it cold tho. more or less the state of charge...
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    95 sc 1100 needs work

    trans wont shift out of second because its in limp mode, youll proll be swapping in trans'.
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    ported sc heads

    so is this 400 with a core, or are you just selling some you have laying around?
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    ported sc heads

    do you have any pics of the ports? i know you do good work just curious to see the work done.
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    Illinois sc

    count me in, i dont have a thunderbird, but i have a mustang with a m90 setup.
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    Chicagoland Chapter?

    count me in! ive been looking for some meets to go to besides strats and the streets of woodfield.
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    Custom 3" side exit blower top

    could this be flipped to be a left exit top?
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    WTB stock or MP crankshaft pulley

    i have one being shipped. thanks for looking.
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    WTB stock or MP crankshaft pulley

    hey, my m90'd mustang decided to throw out the bllancer and crank pulley on my way to minnestoafor my labor day vacation. i desperately need the crankshaft pulley. stock or overdrive. i NEED one! i dont have internet while im on vacation. if you have a pulley and want to sell it to me pleas...
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    Intake manifold design considerations.....

    whats the update on this manifold? its a sweet project that i would hate not to hear the end of.