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    Completely parted out 91 SC, white with red cloth

    Did they sale? If not I would like to get them
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    phishing email attempt?

    Not a member, never even been to their site .
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    phishing email attempt?

    So just receive the following email today. I remove the links so no-one would actually click on them. Thoughts? Dear Falcon20x We here at are so proud of our recent work, and we'd like to thank you for being a part of our community. However, our mission to maintain a...
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    m90s, heads, leftover parts

    Interested in the heads if they are 94-95. And the 94 supercharger if it falls through
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    What's the current state of availability on parts/rebuilders for the Teves Mk ii ABS?

    I believe he does I have not spoke to him personally, but some on the site had a unit rebuild a few back. Rock auto offers a rebuild service as well.
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    What color to choose for new wheels

    The car is a white 93 SC. Thinking to upgrade the wheels to 18 inches. Here are some of the choices. Thoughts?
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    MIsc SC Parts

    Teflon I means Teflon seals not Netflix
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    MIsc SC Parts

    Nylon seals How much for the SkF snot and Netflix seals ship to 75056?
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    17,000 mile 89

    Never mind found it
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    17,000 mile 89

    In Tampa I m in Tampa for a vacation. Do you have a link? I can t find it
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    AC Freon Capacity?

    Yes. The conversion is to 134a
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    AC Freon Capacity?

    Ac rebuild 6. Recharge the system: Do not add more than 90 % of the original R 12 charge. The Thunderbird SC AC system takes 40 ounces +/_ 2 ounces of R12 Freon. 90% = 36 ounces= 2lb of Freon. Autozone and O'reilly, both have their own brand of freon 12 O.Z. cans. For a brand new system it is...
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    A/C rebuild tips

    Kit The kit is not car specific. Any R12 to R 134 conversion will work. For piece of mind check with you closest autozone or O’ Reilly...
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    Reusing A/C evaporator and expansion valve questions

    This might help
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    89 to 92 TEVES ABS hydraulic pump.

    Band new NOS, in the original box. Some damage on one of the plastic piece(see pictures). Make a fair offer