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    2 super coupes for sale

    I'm still interested if you have them
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    Last few decent parts, 1992 sc

    A price on the trans and torque converter please and where are you located
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    Looking for...

    They are, exact fit for the door gaskets, trunk seal and cowl molding. I have bought several from Steele over the years reasonably priced.
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    Fuel line confusion

    You can't install them wrong, they're different sizes and yes you did
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    Looking for...

    The door seals and trunk seal can be bought from Steele rubber products at a reasonable price
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    1992 Super Coupe

    catch can photos please if you have them
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    Charles Warner Magnum Powers

    I agree with Jacob. May 19th I called Charles and agreed to send him my M90 to do the MPX upgrade and send me a new intake plenum, payment was made in advance. September 22nd I called to find out what was happening and get an eta. He thanked me for reminding him, he had forgotten and would...
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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    The holes are there I've done it many times . Yes the factory system uses a different bolt pattern but if you look the holes for both are there.
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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    firewall holes are still the same, it'll bolt right up.
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    Stalling when coming to a stop with A/C on

    The auto's engine was removed from the car and all mating surfaces resealed, did a smoke test no leaks. The 5 speed was also rebuilt and had no issues until about 200 miles. pressures are correct for both. The 5 speed has a MP 95mm TB the auto a 70mm Edelbrock TB both MAF's have been cleaned and...
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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    89 Tbird LX bolts right in. I can't really tell from your photo which port you're speaking of but yes that's where I connected mine
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    Stalling when coming to a stop with A/C on

    Has anyone run into this problem. I have two 90"s one auto the other a 5 speed and it affects both the same way. Both A/C systems are all new other than the evap and I have changed the IAC twice in the 5 speed and it made no difference. This only happens with the A/C on and when slowing to a...
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    1989 Super Coupe 5 Speed

    Nice car, where are you located.
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    1990 35th Anniversary SC for Sale

    They sure did
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    Water Pump Removal: How to get past the Bottom Bracket?

    Thanks Dave, that things a pain any time you have to get in there for service. I'll do the same from now on.