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    2021 Calendar is Ready

    done! what great looking cars this year
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    Pictures for the 2021 Calendar

    Count on you to be ahead of us all !!
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    Pictures for the 2021 Calendar

    Status, ?? Don't want to miss out on the order.
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    Front air deflector material for 94/95

    Hi Pat. i don't know if you can find them anymore, and probably not new if you can, but wew used the front air dams off the Grand Am. Lined up and fit well and looked good too. Maybe there's a junk yard somewhere? Check it out...
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    Victor Malvar Spinning wheels SC

    He was a good man. He will be missed.
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    AC reinstalled on my 91 SC along with a couple more upgrades....

    Glad to hear you caught that cheap piece of plastic before it broke! Some guys have all the luck :) Another great looking job by Dave, and the car sounds as good as ever. What a great idea for moving cooler air through the system! ;)
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    500hp V6??

    And some of us are at the will of the engine builder so we never know what the real numbers are...or were... or could be....
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    Hot summer days and the SC

    Yes, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. The pusher fan and the radiator fan are wired to the HI wire, and set to run in concert with each other. We installed the largest pusher fan we could find that would fit, a SPAL 2000cfm, and having it makes a big difference. That being said...
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    Hot summer days and the SC

    No idea anymore what that setting is. I have used BE to set the fans to run in sync for years now. On and off together, and no, I don't remember the temp settings. I wasn't so worried about overheating because if I stomped on it in small bursts the air flow temps never went above 90 degrees...
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    Hot summer days and the SC

    Ricardo, just drive the car and enjoy it. You're not going to blow it up. If it starts to run 230+ degrees and that makes you nervous than stop beating on it and go back to driving it normally. You have had that car for years now and have yet to have an overheating issue. Don't go looking...
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    AAA Insurance

    Here too. And the car has been insured by both Haggerty and AAA in NY & FL
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    94-95 chin spoiler

    Like everything else I'm afraid.
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    94-95 chin spoiler

    Nice. It does look good. I prefer the ones we used that came off of the Grand Am I think it was. Bolted right up. Sorry I don't have a good picture of it right now, but if you look close you can see it here.
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    1995 Restomod

    It seems the listing is no longer available.
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    I have two cooling fans - does anyone else?

    Best practice is the relay I feel. No muss, no fuss, simple wiring. And Ricardo's memory of this is better than mine, although we disagree on the need for the fan. It isn't going to hurt having the second fan come on with the main radiator fan. But make sure it is a useful fan. Hooking up...