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    2021 Carlisle All Ford Nationals map

    Yippi! Cougars in only a few rows away so I do not have to bring a car to travel from one end of Carlisle to the other. :cool:o_O
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    Just a test

    Test text. Poor Kitty...
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    Jet performance plug in module

    The last time I heard about Jet was the mid 1990's. I would doubt that the the program in that Chip is up to the same standards as a chip we get now.
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    2021 All Fords Carlisle

    I booked a room. This email came in if rooms run out:
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    WTB 90 Cougar XR7 grill and hood

    In order to make mine I combined 3 grills to make one. You can find parts at ebay and tbscshop.
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    Forums upgrade/migration

    It seems that Facebook has taking away much of the Forum business. I like SMF a/k/a Simplemachines and they still update it. They just came out with a new version. I have been dragging by A$$ on updating my security/ firewall apps for it. I plan to do it but I have been busy...
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    What's in the box?!

    Ford Rotunda Super Star II Tester Scanner?
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    WTB Vehicle Maintenance Monitor (VMM) 89-93

    Just wrap it lengthwise from clip to clip with electrical tape. Worked great for me.
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    89-93 Canton Fabricated Aluminum Coolant Tank

    I will take it for $300, shipping included to PA 18045. Can I pay via PayPal?
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    Front air deflector material for 94/95

    I do not remember one of those in my Cougar... Only the bottom half is needed you can unstable and re-use the top. For the bottom I will look at Ultra-Strength Fabric-Reinforced Multipurpose Neoprene Rubber Sheets with possibly some stainless steel backing strips. Better yet rivet a sheet of...
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    Harmonic balancer issue on both birds

    I believe I used stock bolts. Is there a specification for the bolts against BHJ years?
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    Rear shock tower braces.

    Here is mine with the old FF version: I think this one sits higher.
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    How to install cam sensor video

    Nice video. The Crows in the first few minutes made me nervous but they went away. In the end just nice birds were tweeting.
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    Super star ii Abs/engine code reader

    I have a Super Star II 007-0041A. It works on my 90 XR7 which is the same as your car.
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    Victor Malvar Spinning wheels SC

    My condolences. You will be sorely missed.