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    ----SOLD----1994 5spd Supercoupe for sale

    question- where did you get those white face gauges?
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    Prayers for one of us

    get well soon anthony!
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    MPIII blower package deal

    how much is that in american?
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    Locked my keys inside my new bird!!

    why waste money on a locksmith, just call the police theyll come right out and open it for you. i locked my keys in once with the car running, and within 15mins 2 cops came and got it open- our birds have the break-in defense which is basically a box over the door latch on the inside of the...
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    SC shorty headers and exhaust

    ANTHONY! whats up! you called me, i called you back, now we are here. calll me.
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    Hard to start / stumble after A/C kicks in

    does it always have a low rough idle? whens the last time you did a tune-up?
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    aluminum shaft ?

    no i am not. balance your tires. an unbalanced tire at speeds around 65 will cause your car to shake ungodly. most people over look this because they dont see how a tire can cause a car to shake, resulting in a vibration in the steering wheel. its beginner knowledge to balance tires when the...
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    Hard to start / stumble after A/C kicks in

    check your battery. your car starts off the battery, it may not be holding a high enough charge tos tart the car the first crank, andasfor the a/c, the car runs on the alternator when the car is on, but it still goes through the battery, so if your battery is bad, the extra load of the ac on...
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    aluminum shaft ?

    balance your tires
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    want to do a tune up on my stock SC

    autolite platinum (app244) gapped anywhere between .52 and .57 5 quarts depending on miles, high mileage is ok, if your over 60k miles DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC
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    progess on my engine, couple Q's

    im confused you dont have the injectors in? then how is your engine running??????
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    94 cooling fans

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    94 cooling fans

    ive searched and read a little, and have gotten all threads on the 89-93 cooling fan mods. what im wondering is, for a 94, which wire do I cut to get the pusher fan to come on all the time? and i was thinking of putting my radiator fan on a switch, so i can turn it on when i want, like sitting...
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    looking for anyone who has pics of matt89sc's supercoupe with the crazy intercooler setup. all the links are broken and i read a lot about his setup. just like to see what it actually looks like!
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    Est. time on plug change??

    i starteddoing my tune up 3 days ago. i removed the air compressor and itmadethe first plug easy, then i dececidedto remove the linesso i could get the 2and 3 easy. then i decided might as well finishing removing the ac. so pulled the rad and removed the condensor and took out the...