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    How do you remove the trim at the bottom of a 89-95 SC door?

    There is a small acorn nut at the front and rear of the door and then the white plastic clips hold it from behind.
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    168976962114026497 Expires on May 30, 2021.
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    rear shock bolt

    I believe the Lincoln bolt has a flag on the bolt or nut. They should interchange.
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    Rear Subframe Bushings (Used, just one of each type)

    I recently replaced mine with solid bushings and I still have the stock parts. Is the retainer the bolt or the top cup?
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    NOS Parts

    I'll take the hinges.
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    NOS Parts

    What side door hinges? Upper and lower?
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    Aftermarket Carpet Help.

    My parts car came with what I believe is the cheapest version of the ACC carpet. It's very thin, kinda like mini golf carpet as mentioned above. I have a 94 and decided to use the black 93 SC carpet over the ACC and Mark VIII carpets I have. I can try to get pics of the quality of it if you guys...
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    Throwout bearing removal from slave cylinder

    I've got one I just swapped out. I just went out there and if you turn the bearing housing (part that clips on) about 1/4 turn clockwise it pops right off. I always swap to a Timken bearing instead of the cheap one that comes on the slave.
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    Question on Cobra vs MN12 diff cover

    These are the two stock (early and late) MN12 8.8 covers.
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    8.8 IRS axle seals

    8.8 axle shaft seal = Timken/National 714569 8.8 axle shaft bearing (behind the seal in the case) = Timken/National FC-66998
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    WTB working power window switch assembly

    The 89-93 and 94-95 switches are different. You will need to specify which you are looking for. x2 on checking the other components
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    Center Force DF Clutch Kit

    I bought the DF226049 back in November but have yet to install. It looks like they have gone up by over $100 since then.
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    11250806480223096 Expires on August 25, 2019. 11281258580223096 Expires on September 1, 2019.
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    WTB: 7.75" OEM center caps

    Are you looking for the (aluminum?) metal caps from the 1st gen SC wheels? If so, I have a few.
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    Differential vent tube/hose leaking.

    I have that installed with the notch facing the rear. The part number is E9SZ-4022-A if you wanted to get a new one.