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    Starts then dies, where to begin...

    Hmmm, yeah I think the fan was running on high. Can I replace the battery myself, or do I have to send it in somewhere? Thanks for the quick reply!
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    Starts then dies, where to begin...

    1994. I bought the car in 2014, it has QH installed and tuned for all the mods (60# injectors, etc). Has wide-band O2 sensors. I’ve never messed with the tuning, never even hooked up a laptop. It’s always started, though I don’t drive it very often at all, so I keep a battery tender connected...
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    I can hardly think with all this DRONE...

    Thanks for the follow-up! I ended up do nothing to the exhaust after the addition of the Dynomax VT mufflers. I really don't drive the SC too often so I've learned to live with the drone, which only gets annoying at certain speed/RPM ranges. Actually the last thing I did to address the issue was...
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    6G alternator ?

    I need to replace my alternator on my 94 SC. Many of the sources cited in this thread are defunct. :( So are the '01 Taurus 6G alternators still considered the "best" option for replacement with a small bit of tweaking? These are listed on RockAuto at 130A (as opposed to the other brands at 105A...
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    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    Well, you could always bring your own SC and park it along with ours... :D:rolleyes::p;) LOL:D:cool:
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    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    Hey Mike - sorry I missed you!
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    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    I'll be there with the TEALBRD! Sounds like a few of the usuals will be missing this year though... :(
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    2nd Annual NJTACC Summer BBQ Pool Party!!!

    If you came last year, you know it was a great time! If you didn't, here's your second chance! Saturday, August 6th at 3pm. Howell, NJ 07731. PM me for address. Bring you swimsuit/ towel, beverage of choice, and anything else you feel like. Bring the wife/girlfriend, kids, or come alone! Plenty...
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    36th Annual North Jersey Thunderbird Association (NJTA) All Thunderbird Show

    I went last year it was a great show! Sorry, can't make it this year though... :(
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    2016 CArlisle Winners!!!

    I have to say I was impressed with the Park Inn hotel (1st stay there)! Seem well managed, clean, and nice amenities. The bar area was great. Liked the change to the QS&L for dinner. I wonder if they would be upset if next time we spray painted FORD all over the Chevy/Corvette themed section...
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    Carlisle 2016 Saturday night dinner

    2 here - myself and Heber are in!
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    Official 2016 Carlisle Thread! (BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!!!)

    Wow, can't believe Carlisle is less than two weeks away! :cool::D
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    Carlisle 2016 Saturday night dinner

    That's cool! I loved the tradition of OG, but getting tired of the food there. QSaL will be a welcome change - not to mention the car theme of the place will be appropriate too.
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    Meet in April, any interest?

    MEET CANCELLED due to lack of interest. Sorry, we just did not get enough definite yes answers to make it worthwhile. Thanks to those who did commit - just hate to see folks come a long way expecting a "meet" to find only a few guys showed up. Going forward we will start posting a minimum # of...
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    Meet in April, any interest?

    Any confirmations for 4/16? Sure got quiet in here, lol! Where are all the guys who keep expressing interest in our meets and say they will be at the next one? :confused::rolleyes: