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    Trying to restart SCCoASE

    Damn it, Vaughan's email hit my junk email folder. Would have made it. I'm in next time. Also, when I finally get a new house, I'll host one. I think they're great with an all day beer, grilling and car stuff. Then someone can prove either way if I have blown head gaskets or not :) Mike...
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    2nd AC Compressor for IC?

    Isn't the new Lightning motor AC'd on the intake side? Is this feasible with our motors, or already been discussed? Sorry if it has, just had the thought.
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    Brittany Force next fastest lady A&E Force family

    Can they actually drive or are they simply ~~~~ and ~~~?
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    sloppy shifter how do u fix it?

    C&C (Stephen Crist) I think always has one up... It's where I bought mine.
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    Idles rough then dies?

    That is easily the best picture ever posted. Thank you.
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    Driving along then Engine light comes on and the car acts like...

    "29 miles to a gallon going 85-90 MPH" Shouldn't this be almost impossible?
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    Ron...some comments/questions about the website.

    Most sites with profiles let you upload pics yourself. How about we do our own (if it's within the scope of the software of course) and we self-police? Should take a load off Ron.
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    Mine did that, a simple swap of the headlight switch fixed it.
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    Supercharger painting

    Bill, ya gotta work on resizing those bad boys!!! Not bad looking though :)
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    what if.....

    I HAVE driven both G35's. Sedan almost daily, as it belongs to the ex-girlfriend, we took it instead of the Cougar. Wonderful daily driver. Good power, great responsiveness, comfortable, interior is ergonomic except for one button on the stereo (can't recall which). I drove the Coupe twice...
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    what if.....

    Acura TL G35 Coupe or Sedan (Coupe if no kids) 350Z A4 Take some test drives and let us know what you find. Those are my choices, but you may be looking more domestic.
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    Robert Zibilske

    I was told by the state police that reporting a theft had to be initiated in the residence of the plaintiff. Hence calling your local police station, having them connect you to the detective bereau and they will coordinate things with the other plaintiffs.
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    Increased penalties for street racers in Canada

    No offense, Dave. But stop apologizing. You apologize in almost every thread I read from you. Just say your piece and let her rip. You didn't start this argument, it's 100 years old from the first car on the street. Street racing is not a good thing to do (I didn't say bad), but I do it...
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    13" cobra brake swap

    Peruse the Brake Forum, tons of info there.
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    Increased penalties for street racers in Canada

    While i agree, in a perfect world, Dalke has a very good point. How many of you regale your friends with "OMFG, dude! I got SOO ripped last Friday night, and we..."???? It's cool to drink and get drunk. Bottom line: Road racing doesn't kill a lot of people. Much less then ecll phone...