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    NOS rear window molding

    PM sent. Thanks.
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    Rear glass bottom molding

    PM sent. Thanks for your help
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    Rear glass bottom molding

    I'm looking for the piece of molding that is at the bottom of the rear glass (between the glass and the trunk.) Part # is E9SZ6342404A9G. Either NOS or used in good condition.
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    Teves Mark IV bleed

    The "redneck" way to bleed the Teves IV is by going out on an empty road/street and slamming on the brakes to activate the antilock system. I'm told by my mechanic that you'll need to redo this several times. (bleed, then activate, bleed again, then activate) You can find the Ford bleeding...
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    Lugnut torque

    The Helm service manual says tighten to 85 to 105 ft-lbs. Personally, I've always torqued to 98 ft-lbs for 16 years on my '95 (which currently has 196,000 miles on it) and never had a problem, and that includes tire rotations at every 7500 miles.
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    Victor and Cliff can go screw each other... wait....They already have!

    You should contact Mike Puckett on here. He's in Atlanta, and has a basement full of stuff including transmissions.
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    Need a Radiator for a 94 SC 5 speed MT.

    Look at They have the actual Ford OEM radiators for the 94 and 95 5-speeds that were made by Valeo. Comes with the intercooler bracket and rubber. $166.79 plus shipping (less than $10). This radiator was over $400 from the dealer. (F4SZ8005D). These won't work with automatics...
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    Thermostat Housing

    Make sure you use the right gasket and also use the grey Permatex thermostat RTV and it should alleviate your leaks.
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    94 SC Power Steering Woes Over and Over Again

    Actually, if you want a new EVO, you can actually still get it from It's not cheap, but you can get it ($307.98). Part # for '94/'95 is fosz3783a. Not sure whether this also is correct for earlier models. If you replace the 2 o-rings under the EVO sleeve, you should get...
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    Question for you guys on tach droping off and enigne light

    I've got a '95 and the tach has dropped intermittently for 3 - 4 years. Sometimes it will be for a second or two, other times it will be for several driving cycles, and then when you start the car it's working again. Sometimes 6 months may go by without it happening. I've never had any check...
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    When to replace wheel bearings?

    The front wheel bearings on my '95 are still original with 193,000 miles. I had to replace both rear wheel bearings 2 - 3 years ago. Left side went out first, and then right side went out within 10,000 miles of it. The car had 170,000 to 180,000 miles on it then.
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    94 SC Power Steering Woes Over and Over Again

    Hey Ted, Just happened to see your posts this morning. Sorry I didn't see them when you were trying to get this fixed. Hopefully, it's still not leaking. I've got a '95, and the EVO can be a pain. I would not recommend doing away with it, because if you do, you will have full power steering...
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    highest and lowest VIN number by year

    95 SC 215582 - June 20, 1995
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    Door Hinge Pin Replacement

    roller/pin kit = HELP #38350
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    Door Hinge Pin Replacement

    You can go to the website and search by auto and category to find the #. If you go that route, you probably have to buy the hing pin and brass bushings in one pack and the roller in a separate pack. I also found them on Ebay by searching on thunderbird hinge kit...