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    I Hate Auto Shop's "Venting"

    An overheating engine can most definitely overheat your transmission in a very short amount of time. Like was said above, the cooler lines going into the radiator are the first source of heat to the tranny, and then don't forget...the engine and the tranny live right next door to each other! The...
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    Classified Factory Info

    Big deal...those 2008 'CJ' race cars are rated at 400 horses? Aren't the upcoming KRs rated at 540? That's a significant difference considering the KR is a street legal car.
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    35th 'anny' goes for $13,000!

    Well, the reviwer did make mention of the fact this did seem a low price for such a special vehicle. he says the relative fact that the cars are little-known except to enthusiasts is what is keeping the prices down. He made the observation that this price would be unimaginable for a like-mileage...
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    35th 'anny' goes for $13,000!

    A low-mileage (9,000 mile) Anniversary car went for $12,900 at Barrett-Jackson recently! Great! Let's keep the value up on these cars!
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    Well, my SC is now in the hands of a new owner....

    Probably a mildly-built 460 with a Tremec 5-speed. I'll do a six-speed if its a do-able thing. I haven't really put a lot of serious thought into the drive-train yet. I'd like to put a 428, just to keep it as authentic as possible, but I have built about 6 or 7 429/460s over the years and I...
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    Well, my SC is now in the hands of a new owner....

    Hey, I see I just broke 500 posts! As my 7 year-old says:"Yip-yip-yippee!"
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    Well, my SC is now in the hands of a new owner....

    Sad to see it go, but I have sold my 35th anniversary SC. After all the hoopla of getting it painted and the aggravating extras that go along with that, I just didn't have the room for it. I am building a Factory-5 Cobra this summer and the room (as well as the cash flow!) will help a lot...
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    locked my self do I open my hood from the outside?

    Sorry, my brains fell out of my ear for a moment.
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    locked my self do I open my hood from the outside?

    What about feeding 12V from a battery charger through the cigarette lighter? Shoudn't that give the electrical system a chance to operate for a few seconds? That short amount of time will probably not harm the wiring in that circuit.
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    Bad DIS symptoms?

    I took the SC out for a spin today, and did something that it has only done a couple times before over the last year: The engine will start to randomly 'buck', herky-jerky like some kind of ignition defect while just cruising. I just take my foot off the gas and coast for a few seconds at it...
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    Very Nice 35th anniversary for sale-Florida

    Yeah, I don't want to leave the S/C world behind, but I need the room. I love the car, but there are a few things I want that this car doesn't 5 manual speeds! I really don't think the automatic fits the personality of this car, at least not for me anyway. I think I will find a...
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    Very Nice 35th anniversary for sale-Florida

    Follow the link, buy the car,have some fun! e-Bay Item number: 230209088258 (sorry, don't know how to post a link. Just copy and paste this number in the e-Bay search and it will come up.) I HATE to get rid of this car, seeing as how much work I have done to it recently. But, I have too many...
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    Car goes click and won't start

    TXSC is correct...more than likely you have a bad starter solenoid. It's fender mounted on the driver's side. Short the small connection (with the push-clip wire removed) to the battery side and the starter should run if the solenoid is good. This is only a $9.00 part, and they go bad...
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    How long did your Optima battery last?

    Setting car batteries on concrete and causing them to 'go to ground', thus discharging and killing them is a is totally false. The one true thing that will keep a car battery in good shape is to keep it charged. Once every 3 months (or so), I remove the battery and clean the...
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    What the heck is a 'Tuscani GT'?

    Not quite I think, at least from what I have read: 'tiburon' translates as 'shark' in Spanish, not Korean. And in Korea, the car is simply known as 'Coupe' not 'Tiburon' or 'Tuscani'.