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    Shootout T Shirts for sale

    Shirts still available? And if you have any previous year shirts would like to purchase them also.
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    Scorpion rockers moroso catch can and 93 rotating assembly

    Interested in rockers. PM sent.
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    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    How many units are you planning on producing this go round?
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    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    2 please I am still good for two. I'm getting excited!
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    new topic/page in the classifieds section

    I would like to see a Craigslist/eBay/not yours or something to that effect topic/page in the classifieds section. I have seen this on other forums and i believe it would help organize the classifieds better.
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    AC Schrader valves missing

    The ball valve can also be removed and replaced. they make a special 8 sided socket to remove them. The bad thing about the ball valves are if you tighten the charge coupling down to tight it damages them. So be careful when you put the charge coupling on and only open it enough to allow the...
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    SCUI Competition IRS suspension bushing kit production run and pre-sale.

    I am interested in a Mk8 and t-bird set if it is not to late. Also could you list the contents of the kit?
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    Plenum to TB studs

    my experience with ss I have had bad luck with ss in aluminum. It gets that white powdery oxidation between the aluminum and ss and makes it really hard to remove the bolts/studs if you are luckey thay may not break off. They do look nice though.
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    WTB Iron 8.8 case, ST Louis, MO area

    Transaction complete. Great person to deal with.
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo 4.0l

    I believe to replace the lifters you must remove the cylinder head. Just a heads up.
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    Parting Out My 94 SC - All Stock Parts Very Clean SuperCoupe Under 90k miles

    This is a beautiful bird. Somebody pick it up!
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    SC parts for sale

    After many searches I don't believe that the spare 15's will clear the calipers on my mk8. I'll keep my eyes open for some 16's. Thank you.
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    WTB Iron 8.8 case, ST Louis, MO area

    Yes the aluminum case for iron case. But if it is no good. I'll sell him the iron case.
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    parts for sale

    Thank you I appreciate it.