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    My Gauge Cluster

    Any time. Good luck.
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    My Gauge Cluster

    The pictures are in my garage page.
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    My Gauge Cluster

    This thread has details, but the picture links are broken since the form was moved.
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    My Gauge Cluster

    Are the LEDs still dimmable like the original incandescent bulbs? Also, is there any flicker at all? I put in LED bulbs in my low voltage under cabinet lighting, and the flicker drives me crazy (my wife doesn't even notice).
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    SCCoA forum issues

    If it's not too much trouble, that would be great.
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    SCCoA forum issues

    Close enough. Looks like I'm missing the dates of the mods, but I'm not worried about that.
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    SCCoA forum issues

    I definitely miss the mods pages. I liked to go back and easily review costs and timing of certain mods. At least by name, the "build" thread sounds like it would work like a mod list for current activity. Even though I talked about it, I never backed up my pages before the move. I'd like my...
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    Midwest spring meet head count

    I will be there
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    Project GTFD (SVO V6)

    No facebook for me, so the update here is nice. Thanks.
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    Wanted Front bumper SC 89 to 93

    The embossed SC is only 89 and 90. The marker light holes can be cut out if not already there. Good luck with your search.
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    Factory Paint Codes for 35th wheels.

    Keep in mind. More than one person has told me that their stock 35th wheels look to have clear coated bare aluminum lips. I've been happy with the silver painted lip on my newly reconditioned wheels.
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    Intermittent Tach drop

    All of my symptoms started after removing heat-wrapped shorty headers and replacing them with are stainless steel mid-le gth headers. The under hood Temps significantly increased. I also would have been twisting and connecting the sensors. I've suspected I've needed to attempt what you have...
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    Intermittent Tach drop

    While the cam sensor can apparently fix the problem, I have yet to determine the cause of mine. I've tried 3 different cam sensors (two new, and one known good used sensor) and still he the intermittent issue. The only constant seems to be related to under-hood heat.
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    Forums upgrade/migration

    I know it is obsolete, so I assume the garage will be going away? If so, can you give everyone a heads-up so that we can backup our pages?
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    Pictures for the 2021 Calendar

    Thanks again for your hard work Jim.