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    Have had a super coupe motor with all the accessories including the blower laying around in the shop...need it gone. 250.00 for everything also have a navy blue center console. 25.00
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    Leftover Parts from 89 SC

    everything is still here!! help me out dudes! i'll throw in free porn with every purchase haha
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    Leftover Parts from 89 SC

    Leaving for the air force soon and i got left over parts from my 89 a twin turbo Z a while back so that's my new toy haha I have an 89 motor that spun a rod bearing...all the accessories are still on it as far as i know and i have the blower too.... 220.00 for all of it Throttle body...
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    92 sc vs 87 Iroc-z

    If you can drive you'll win...My cousin had 2 IROC-Z's (87) one with a TPI 305 and one with a TPI 350, we raced an ungodly ammount of times. Stop light to stop light, 1/8 mile track 1/4 mile track, highway roll. Never lost :) Just don't be afraid to rail the ~~~~ out of the gears and you'll do...
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    Leftover Parts, NEED MONEY

    Parted out my SC a while back and i still got some parts layin around that i need gonzo 89 supercharger with 126k on it, worked great before i pulled it - 100.00 Dark blue 5spd center console with black lid (mint condition) - 50.00 Stock airbox assembly - 15.00 89 Motor (spun rod bearing) 126k...
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    SCP Fresh Air Intake...Need it gone!! (only 9k on it)

    Still for sale and yep i do take paypal
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    SCP Fresh Air Intake...Need it gone!! (only 9k on it)

    Yep, same one.... (3")
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    SCP Fresh Air Intake...Need it gone!! (only 9k on it)

    paid $210 new for it want $120 shipped.....Only got 9k miles on it, no cracks in the air box, filter looks practicly new. Need the money
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    First time out....

    Wow, you guys are runnin pretty slow for those times....I think my best ever was a 9.4 at 74 mph, and that was with useless 1st gear and swinging out to the side when slamming second. I think i had some touring tires...great ride but NO TRACTION!!!
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    Left Over Parts from 89 Part-Out

    Almost new SCP Fresh Air Intake (9k Miles) Navy Blue 5spd center console 89 Supercharger w/ intake plenum (125k miles) Air Silencer (doubt anyone will want this, probably gonna trash it) Make me some offers (
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    89 SC Brand new tranny 9k on motor

    Come on guys someone could use this! It's goin to the crusher if i can't get rid of it soon
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    89 SC Brand new tranny 9k on motor

    Dark blue interior, and yes i have the whole working JBL system
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    89 SC Brand new tranny 9k on motor

    Anyone?? Lots of good parts, especially interior parts....loaded and in mint condition
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    89 SC Brand new tranny 9k on motor

    Need to get rid of my t-bird SC, started to part it out, only sold a few parts.....the motor blew after 9k miles due to the guys who put it together forgetting to torque a rod cap.....DOH!!! it also has a new m5r2 with about 7k on it, along with the clutch flywheel and all that good...
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    My car vs 240sx

    Eh...i beg to differ.....check out titan motorsport's supra.....running 7's in the quarter at 181