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    I officially have worse MPG than my Pick Up

    Mail order, I had sent you a bunch of logs and you helped me get to where it needed to be as far as AFR goes. When I get the car back i'll be able to get a better idea of what's going on since I won't have to drive it everyday.
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    I officially have worse MPG than my Pick Up

    My tune was done by Dave, so it definitely wasn't a poopy tune...
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    I officially have worse MPG than my Pick Up

    I drove a combination of city and highway (80% city and 20% highway) over the summer, went into boost 2 times (never over 5lbs) and accelerated gently in vacuum (around 10in) and I got 13.3 on two consecutive tanks. When i did a round trip drive out to montauk i got a whopping 17.1 MPG...
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    Soft sticky tires

    I have found that my bird likes BFG G-Force Comp 2's...255/50R16 on stock wheels. I personally like the look, and it hooks fantastically. Now that I won't be driving the car over the winter, i am happy i made the decision. However, as with anything really, tires are a matter of personal...
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    Seat Hinge Broken

    Joe mine do this too. Im not sure they ever worked, even from the factory. For as long as I can remember (dating back well over 10 years) those releases on the bottom of the seats were useless lol
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    Need Some Ears (noise w/ video)

    I kinda hear a marble noise too, that may be from the blower....check the coupler
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    Boost/Vacuum leak

    Try the actual boost gauge vacuum line. They're notorious for cracking and leaking due to age
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    Decision, Decisions, I cant decide on the next mod

    Ira I sent you a PM. Joe, feel free to message me your number and we can chat about whatever you need or just shoot the breeze. Unfortunately my SC will be down until further notice, but i would love to help the both of you Tom
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    Decision, Decisions, I cant decide on the next mod

    Drive the car a few thousand miles, and work out the bugs. Chances are original suspension bushings and shocks/struts are going to need to be replaced as well. Do maintenance jobs first, as this will provide a good platform to start modifications
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    I can attest to Randy as well. Definitely a stand up individual and a valuable asset to the community with the services he offers. Its always a pleasure to do business with Randy
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    On Boost Collapse

    Before you yank the plugs , which is always a fun job, take a look and make sure all the plug wires are properly seated and that none of the wires have exposed wire. Check both at the plugs and on the Coil pack
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    Alarm problems, no start, no power

    I yanked the positive cable and it worked. The alternator is brand new, so I hope that isn't the issue. We'll see what happens in the future
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    March Aluminum Underdrives New

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    March Aluminum Underdrives New

    Bump it up. Who wants a nice set of pulleys?
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    Cant send or receive PM's

    You need at least 10 posts.....reply to this thread and you'll be all set ;)