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    Early Teves ABS Reman Units

    Got a link? My red brake light came on and my pedal went hard on the way home today. I’m hoping it’s just a bad relay, but if I’m going to pull it out, $500 for a reman one sounds better than taking my chances with one of the used ones I have laying around.
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    SC Parts

    How much for the clutch pedal? I will be at Carlisle as well, so I can pick it up.
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    Stock mufflers for the 2011+ Mustang GT flow pretty well, fit nicely under the Tbird, and are nice and quiet.
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    Spring cleaning, whole bunch of MN12 stuff for sale

    The spare tires are from whenever the respective cars were new. They were originally just bare aluminum, a buddy of mine polished them up for me. It seems to be hit or miss which cars came with the aluminum spare and which ones came with the steel spare. I’ll get a shipping price for you and let...
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    Spring cleaning, whole bunch of MN12 stuff for sale

    I spent the day cleaning/organizing the garage, and have a whole bunch of MN12 parts, if anyone needs or wants any of the following: -Early style SC supercharger -Extra early SC rotor pack -SC fuel rail -SC exhaust manifolds, one set of early style and one 94/95 passenger side -5 94/95 SC full...
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    Need help with our Supercoupe

    I didn’t realize the car had a quarter horse on it. A dead battery in that would definitely cause issues. Yes, the tune will still be stored on the quarter horse even with the dead battery. The newer ones have a socket for a CR2032 instead of the battery soldered directly to it. If you are good...
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    Need help with our Supercoupe

    My first thought was that maybe they pinched off the return line when putting the tank back, but if the fuel pressure is in spec, that rules that out. There is nothing near the fuel tank or trans that would affect the fueling. Were all the plugs fouled, or just certain ones? Try unplugging the...
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    Need help with our Supercoupe

    If the car was running good before being dropped off, then the shop screwed something up. Let us know everything the shop did and that will give us some clues as to where to look.
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    No start - Injectors won't fire

    Do you have a chip, or the actual quarter horse in the computer? If it is the quarter horse, I have had the battery go bad before and prevent the car from starting, so you might want to try removing that from the ECM and seeing if it will start without it.
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    Please post or forward me your Marti reports

    It says 72 cars were ordered by the pacific Canada district sales office. Whether that is the only DSO that could order cars for BC, or whether all the cars ordered by that DSO were destined for BC is not specified by the report. As for carfax, I trust the Marti report more than I trust carfax...
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    2021 Hot Rod power Tour

    I’m planning on doing it this year, although it may be in my truck, assuming I get it done in time.
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    2021 Midwest Spring Meet and Road Rally (revised rally starting time 033121)

    I wish I could come! I dropped an engine on my foot February 1st, broke a few bones in it, and won’t be back up and able to drive for probably another 6-8 weeks, so I have to miss it, but if you do it again next year, I’ll make sure to make it out. Have fun everyone!
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    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    On ice, unless you have studded tires, you are just along for the ride, it doesn’t matter what wheels are being driven. The added weight over the front wheels helps a FWD car get traction to start moving from a dead stop, but once you are moving, that advantage is gone. A tire has a finite...
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    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    It amazes me that people keep wanting FWD for snow. I would never think about going out in the snow in FWD. It is single point of failure in a situation where failure is almost guaranteed! In snowy conditions, your drive wheels are going to lose traction at some point. If you have RWD, your...