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    35th Anniversary Fender and Door Panel Emblems - SOLD

    I'll take these me your paypal
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    Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys

    Consider these sold..payment has been sent! Thanks again Jim -Fernando
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    Early model VMM with external button

    Payment has been sent..thanks
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    Early model VMM with external button

    If nothing is wrong with the clips, I'll take it. Pm me
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    2016 SC/XR7/Mark VIII Calendar

    Put me in for 3 -Fernando
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    Finally back!

    Thanks guys! It wasn't really a find for me as it was offered to me by a great friend that I met thanks to this forum! I see everyone is still friendly and mature here. That's something very rare nowadays. -Fernando
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    Finally back!

    Thanks! Are you talking about the West Coast MN12 fb page? I'm part of the page along with the rest of the guys. -Fernando
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    Finally back!

    Thanks David for the welcoming! Sorry for the late reply:o -Fernando
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    Finally back!

    Thanks! The itch for another SC never left my side. I'm glad wit what I got though it's not anywhere near the condition as my previous SC, it does run way better! No more AOD woes for me either. -Fernando
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    Finally back!

    Well after a few years after selling my first car, 1990 SC auto, I'm back into the SC world! This time I picked up a 35th 5 speed(non moonroof) all thanks to my great buddy Ddubb!:cool: I've posted some pictures on the Facebook and will post some up on here when I figure it out off of my phone...
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    2015 SC/XR7/Mark VIII Calendar

    Jim, put me in for 3 this year. -Fernando
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    Roll Call

    Thats great! I'm glad to hear there's still Nor Cal people active on here..I know Dan aka Ddubb isn't leaving anytime soon:p I've seen 2 SC's local here where I live but haven't gotten lucky enough to be on the same lane to flag them down and meet them. One looks worn and trashed out(tan), the...
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    Roll Call

    Well its been a while but WHO is still alive here and with a SC? I'll be making a comeback soon thanks to a certain buddy that I owe a lot to for this SC passion.:cool: -Fernando
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    JBL Audio Subwoofer replacement

    I just searched ebay and looked through for a bit. I saw Kicker, JL Audio and Fosgate. The high branded stuff isn't cheap if thats what you were searching for