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    Looking for a 94/95 SC instrument panel

    If anyone has one, I need a 94/95 SC instrument panel. The gauges are not necessary, nor is the clear panel or rear housing. My main interest is an undamaged cluster face panel. I cannot use an LX panel because it is built for a volts gauge in place of the boost gauge. Thanks
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    Looking for Dusty Lee

    Does anyone here know Dusty Lee? He sent me some great links via facebook messenger and now those commies have blocked us from communicating. If you know him, please let him know to contact me here. Thanks, Norm
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    Long time owner...looking for a Ripper shifter for the M5R2

    The internals are a completely different design from both the stock and the ripper. I feel it is a much simpler, stronger and far more stable design. I intentionally didn't include pics of the internals...for obvious reasons. :) I've had 2 safety innovations stolen by one official in Indy...
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    Long time owner...looking for a Ripper shifter for the M5R2

    I just got off farcebook recently because I'm tired of them having a god complex, so I haven't posted any updates there. The CAD drawings of the new shifter have been completed. I'm working on sourcing out machine shops to do a production run. I want to make sure they can be produced...
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    how old are SC owners

    I was 29 when I bought my first SC, a 95 5-speed. Sold it when I was 38. Big mistake! Bought my current 95 5-speed 13 years ago, when I was 42. Sold it when I was...oh wait...I will NEVER sell it!!! :)
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    Roll call

    Nice! I wish I could see larger versions of those pics. :)
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    Roll call

    If I see someone looking at mine, I will often ask them if they owned one or if they knew someone who did. In most cases, it's one of those two scenarios. Otherwise, they aren't familiar and they don't really care. When I did Artomobilia in Carmel, IN last year, I was amazed at how many...
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    Roll call

    I'm with you on that. I almost never see SCs. I'm almost shocked when I see another one at a cruise night or car show. It's too bad cuz I love this platform. People who have never owned or driven one just don't understand.
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    Roll call

    VA?? Why do you think I moved to VA? I still live in Indiana. You made me check my reply and even check my profile to see if I accidentally got my home state messed up. lol
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    Roll call

    I don't come here as often as I should (and will) but I'm still here. I still have my SC and I don't plan to ever get rid of it. :) Not much has changed in the last year besides the rear spoiler and the Centerforce clutch. I did manage to get some pics I like, one of them for the calendar...
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    What's in the box?!

    All I'm gonna say is, don't take that case through airport security. They have dogs sniffing luggage. lol
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    OEM / original Motorcraft SC shocks, 70,000 miles

    Sell your old ones? D.B. Roberts, If you buy those shocks, would you be willing to sell the junk ones off your car? I need to do some experimentation with some oem shocks and they don't need to be fully functional. Maybe better if they're not functional. I'd hate to waste good shocks. Norm
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    wtb 93-95 SC stock wheels and tires

    I have a full set of wheels from my 95 SC. They're in excellent shape and the tires have plenty of tread. I'm just west of Indianapolis.
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    Pictures for the 2021 Calendar

    Hey Jim, I don't know if I'd say it's early. People have just had the whole winter to work on their cars and make them look good. This might be the right time for everyone to take some fresh pics of their rides. Springtime can make for some good backgrounds. An early heads-up might just be...