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    2022 Carlisle Go Karts

    I'm not going to take any more money at this point because I'm already over the $600. My preference is to figure it out in person with folks at Carlisle as I don't want to be the middle man any more than I need to be in terms of figuring out who's driving and how long.
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    2022 Carlisle Go Karts

    ** Track is booked. June 4, 11:00pm ** ** Made it - we're over-committed, so we'll be doing two 30 minute sessions and folks can barter and trade amongst those below. Will be booking the track ASAP ** My annual post - Let's see who wants to wreck some go karts! If we get enough people to...
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    Register NOW for the 2022 Carlisle All Ford Nationals - 10% discount

    If you haven't already registered for the Carlisle All Ford Nationals show, do it now! Register before 4/19/2022 and your window sticker comes in the mail AND you get 10%! Please register under the Super Coupe Club of America as well; if we get 25 cars registered (Online or on-site), we get a...
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    Okay, this was a WTH moment for me. Every few weeks/months, I run in to this - someone says their upgrade didn't go through. Every time, it's an issue with Paypal disabling our auto-upgrades. Finally figured it out - they're trying to send cancelation notices of old recurring memberships to...
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    Harmonic Balancer Wobble?

    When I installed my BHJ, while those ARE the instructions, I spoke to a few in the know around here that install these constantly. Have never had an issue with clearance/tolerances. Put it on and send it home! (Just not with a hammer!)
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    FS 1995 SC

    Good luck getting to Canada currently. But being as these cars are now 25+ years old, should be a lot easier to import.
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    1990 35th Anniversary SC for Sale

    Looks super clean! Engine pics?
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    SCCoA forum issues

    Sam - sorry about that. Looks like some kind of disconnect between the board and Paypal. Again! I tweaked some settings, so hopefully that's good. But thanks for bringing this to my attention. I manually setup your account with a start date of today so you'll have a full year.
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    Forums upgrade/migration

    That's really weird. . . Have more than one PC it happens on in the situation you described?
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    Lost audio, out of ideas

    So this was an easy one in the end. Passenger front door speaker - contacts were too close to the door and hitting the metal and I presume shorting out. How it lasted for a month or two THEN started having this issue I have no idea. Had to mount the speaker 180 degrees from how it probably...
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    We did - but being as his production numbers have changed since I first saw a Marti report to now, I'm wondering what caused that change and how much else is incorrect now. I guess I could email him. . .
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    Doug - based on Marti reports, the 35th numbers I have are 792 and 2589 for 5-speeds and automatics, respectively. Correct/verified? That I can't answer after what I've seen lately on the Marti's! But I'd like to think these numbers are close.
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    That Crimson Red was also used AT LEAST on the '94 Lightning, so says my friend Google. . . Paint code is WH.
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    Geez, you're right. I never paid attention to that. Looking at it right now - 753 with this paint code, 71 with this paint/trim code, 820 with this engine/trans code. His paint/trim is crimson clearcoat paint and mocha cloth/leather/vinyl seats. Here's what I'm thinking - that paint code was...
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    I took pictures of any Marti reports that I found on cars at Carlisle. Quite a few had them, which was great. I've been tracking every option, paint/interior color, etc that I can from the reports. One thing that's come up a few times now is how many SCs were really built? SCCoA had some...