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    Atlanta Craigslist Find

    Good eye! Just throwing this out there in-case anyone's interested. Condition seems questionable...
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    Atlanta Craigslist Find

    Saw this on the Atlanta Craigslist, it's a '93 5-speed. Description is a bit sparse...
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    SC Spotted in Springfield, Virginia

    I saw a 94/95 Black SC 5-speed leaving the Springfield, Virginia mall yesterday morning. It is not very often I see Super Coupes let alone an example which is very rare. Anyone on here? Looked great, love hearing that sc whine (haven't heard it since I sold mine).
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    Just bought a pedal assembly from TSC89. Item as described, quick shipping, and fast communication. Would buy from again A++++++++++++ Seller
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    Manual Pedal Assembly

    Preferably both; application is for a Mark VIII w/ manual swap
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    Manual Pedal Assembly

    I know this is in high demand but.. Need a 5-Speed Supercoupe/XR7 pedal assembly, does anyone have one for sale? Thanks! ***DON"T NEED A PEDAL ASSEMBLY ANYMORE, HAVE A SET ARRIVING IN THE MAIL***
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    Supercoupe from Europe/ help needed

    Haha agreed... At least they're mistaking it for another Ford!
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    1995 Pearl White Ford Thunderbird SC, 5 spd, Gold Pkg in Las Vegas

    I'm just curious, but why does it have an auto brake pedal?
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    1989 SC black for sale Michigan

    I agree about the seats, they look extremely good and durable. The red stitching really accents it.
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    CA CL finds.. 94 5 speed

    That second one is pretty cray cray lol, (as they would say it) I would say it isn't an SC because it doesn't have the sid ground FX
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    Still For Sale, Electric-Current Red 5-Speed South of Atlanta - 3k

    Price Lowered Am now @ $2,700; I don't want to pay to keep it tagged
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    anyone seen this cl find yet?

    Defeats the idea of being a sleeper, looks ricey imo :/
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    Still For Sale, Electric-Current Red 5-Speed South of Atlanta - 3k

    I made a video today of my driving by. (I know it's pointless because I can find others on YT) but I wanted to hear how the supercharger sounded out of curiosity, it sounds pretty healthy to me; but I can be wrong. I know mines nothing special in the world of SC's, but that sound makes me...
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    CL Find Maryland

    Now $750! Only a few hours later..