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    Midwest spring meet head count

    It will be good to see everyone again! Rain or Shine. I am bringing a pop up tent.
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    2021 Hot Rod power Tour

    For those interested, here are the 2021 Hot Rod Power Tour dates and locations. Only 5 days this year. HOT ROD Power Tour 2021 Schedule KICKOFF / Day 1: Monday, Aug. 23 - Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, Ohio Day 2: Tuesday, Aug. 24 - Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Dayton, Ohio Day 3...
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    Midwest spring meet head count

    Dawn and I should be there.
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    2021 Midwest Spring Meet and Road Rally (revised rally starting time 033121)

    Count me in. Haven't been on SCCOA in a while and just saw this. Count me in, I love these type of events! Smitty
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    94-95 chin spoiler

    Too bad the grand am ones are now in the unobtainium category!
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    Manual Steering Rack

    Replied sir.
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    94-95 chin spoiler

    Hey every one, thought I would share a quick DIY Chin spoiler I saw for these folks that have late model T-birds. It is a very tough material I found in the outdoor section at Lowe’s and I thought think would work great for a small lip spoiler to get some extra air into the radiator of my SC...
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    Manual Steering Rack

    I have for sale a Flaming River Manual Steering Rack model FR1508 for a 94-04 Ford Mustang. it is the normal ratio of 20:1, which I found made it much easier to turn with wider wheel in front. It already has the correct inner tie rod ends installed too! Included is the Flaming River Universal...
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    4R70W built. SOLD

    SOLD I have 4R70W and custom built 3000 stall torque converter from a 2003 Mustang GT. Professionally built with all alto red clutches, new steels and accumulators. disc and hardened input shaft and recently gone through completely last year. Works great and shifts nice and firm depending on...
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    Zex 82023 Wet Nitrous system with Extras! SOLD

    This has sold!
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    2020 Epic Drive Registration Information

    Ditto, I should be good too.
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    The Epic Drive 2020 preparations

    David, Are you doing it yourself with friends or having it done by someone else? Smitty
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    Liland Global radiator

    Physically, yes it will fit right in, and bolt up to the stock intercooler bracket, but I think the mounting is slightly different in early SC's compared to Late model SC's, but not 100% sure on that.
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    Zex 82023 Wet Nitrous system with Extras! SOLD

    Perhaps, but not just yet. Going to have some fun in the orange SC on motor only for some road racing this year.
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    Zex 82023 Wet Nitrous system with Extras! SOLD

    SOLD I have a Zex 82023 Wet Nitrous kit. Kit comes with the following items: Nitrous Management Unit, 1 Red 18 Ga. Wire 10 ft. 10 lb. Nitrous Supply Bottle (5lbs full), 1 Switch Cover, Bottle Clamps (Short & Long) w/ bolts. 24”-3AN Braid Hose Assembly, 36” -4AN Hose Assembly, 1 16’ -4AN Braid...