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    93 supercoupe 5 speed

    93 super coupe I got a good motor but my car has been hit hard in the rear when it was parked on the street. Could put my motor in your chassis. Henk
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    93 supercoupe 5 speed

    93 sc Hello San Jose, I'm in Albany. So why has this vehicle not been used since 2004? Henk
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    Searching for under hood pad for 89 Tbird SC

    Under hood pad I just took one off. It's in fair to good condition, have the buttons too.
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    1989 Thunderbird SC 5 Speed - Wisconsin

    89 SC for sale I'm very interested. Just need to fine a transport cheaper than the $1800 quote I got. Seems you might live on the edge of the planet. Will be in touch.
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    35th Anniversary for sale $ 500 obo

    SC for sale Is this car still for sale? I can't read the odometer in the photo. What is the current reading. Is this car in Texas? If so, where? Will the car roll on it's own, or does it need a fourth wheel? I'm in California, so I will need to send a transport or come and get it myself...