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    Anyone recognise this electrical Connector?

    When I suffered from vacuum leaks I checked for them by spraying quick, short flicks of starting fluid around the engine bay -- anywhere that could have a bad seal. If any starting fluid gets pulled in by vacuum the engine will rev up by itself and you'll know that there is a leak. Just be...
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    New SC owner in Ohio

    New SC Owner in Ohio I'm also an Eagle scout from Ohio and I've had 2 head gasket experiences. When I turned 16 my aunt had an lx model that hadn't ran in years, but long story short my dad and I started wrenching around until we were able to replace the gaskets and eventually we had it...
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    1994 Supercoupe Fuel Problem?

    Thank you for the pointers, I'll try it and see what I can find!
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    1994 Supercoupe Fuel Problem?

    A few weeks ago I was driving my SC and it seemed as if the car just stopped responding to the gas pedal, so I pushed in the clutch and the engine immediately stalled. I let the clutch out to start the engine back up and the regain power steering and drove off into a nearby parking lot. At first...